A Powerful Resource: The unconscious mind Yildiz Sethi

We mostly work things out really well with our logical mind in a cognitive way. However when difficulties arise. When we are upset or shocked, shamed or put down most of that is repressed in our unconscious mind. While we do get on with life in a reasonable way, these repressed disturbed states in our unconscious mind become triggers that may be charged by by otherwise everyday cues. A look, sound, smell, voice, tone of voice or even a look.

As a Rapid Core Healing practitioner I find my work so much easier. I see myself as a facilitator. I allow the client to follow Healing pathways to self-healing and only take on clients who are really ready for change. Human being already have so many resources. Once they are really ready for change, because what they are doing or how they are living has reached a tipping point of not being acceptable any more, its relatively easy with the right philosophy and practice to assist them in making the changes they want to make.

Our work deosn’t have to be a struggle or draining.

I have found over a number of years that depression and anxiety and a range of disturbances, conflicts and trauma is largely based in the unconscious. This is why I moved into Systemic Constellation work to work with the generational mind that we are all part of and in 2016 founded Emotional Mind Integration to work with personal Emotional Mind States. This is Emotional Mind Integration EMI.

This is a powerful way to resolve a wide range of issues including trauma. It is neuro-trance psychotherapy that is a neurotherapy in that it clears a neural pathway at a time so that even complex issues may be relieved and resolved with a few sessions.

I hold private sessions of EMI in my private practice online or in persona and am holding a training very soon for those people who want to become proficient in the newly evolving Mind Science of our time.

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