Trauma Training


Handling Trauma with EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) is a core component of Trauma Treatment.

EMI is used for personal trauma and is used for resolving issues that occurs in your client’s lifetime.

The Trauma skillset is a bundle of 3 courses:

  • EMI (on this webpage) is about resolving personal trauma
  • Family Constellations for generational and systemic trauma
  • Rapid Core Healing (RCH) which combines EMI and Family constellations seamlessly
  • You can buy the 3 courses as a bundle at a 30% discount on the EMI training buy page

The training is conducted by Yildiz Sethi (B.Ed. Master Counselling) who is an international best selling author, therapist and the creator of (EMI and RCH). Yildiz has over 20 years clinical and training expertise.


Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

     Professional Certification Online Training        

     Join now until 28 August 2022

    9 WEEK Course

    Part 1 Full Online course

    Part 2 Live Experiential component

    Part 3: 4 Case studies

    Designed for 1 Module per week – 8   Modules + 1 week    of Live Training + 4 case studies.
However, you can work at your   own pace)

  • Full course 29 Aug – 24 Oct  2022
  • Experiential live online componet 5 days 10 – 14 October 
     9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian       AEST timezone