Trauma Therapy With EMI

Trauma therapy with Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

There is a new way of working with trauma that I offer you in .

EMI is not:

  • Talk or play therapies.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

I don’t attempt to teach you how to manage your symptoms.

All of these ways of working require long-term sessions with the belief that trauma can only be managed.

This is because the above approaches work with the conscious mind.

The problems with these former approaches is that the conscious mind is only around 7% of your consciousness and trauma is repressed in the unconscious mind and so is not available to talk therapies or conscious strategies.

EMDR is a method that is commonly used that requires up to 20 sessions with a 77% success rate.

Emotional Mind Integration


Neuroscience shows that the mind and brain have the capacity for self-healing and rewiring.

The brain constantly rewires itself under appropriate conditions.

Emotional Mind Integration provides a safe way of clearing neural pathways of disturbances and trauma quickly and safely so that your mind and brain can reset and rewire in it sown way.
The mind has immensly powerful self healing resources that are utilised in each session.

Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

The benefits EMI offers you

With Emotional Mind Integration, I focus on your symptoms and guide you through a process that clears the neural pathway of a symptom and completes with integration each session. This means you leave the session feeling relaxed and normally lighter.
This requires an average of 3-5 sessions for each complex trauma issue for good results with more than 90% of the people I see.

You are not given homework.

This requires you to be at the point where you are really ready for change.

This is safe, gentle, does not retraumatise and is deeply effective requiring only a few sessions for most.

Sessions are available online or in person and both ways of working are equally effective.  

Yildiz has more than 22 years experience with people like you.

M Counselling, Diploma Hypnotherapy. B.Ed. Founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing and author of three books.

Can you get Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) on Medicare?

No because I am a registered counsellor and hypnotherapist. Only Psychologists can offer Medicare rebates.

Can a psychologist offer you EMI?

No. The medical model has not yet recognised the effectiveness of Emotional Mind Integration and generally don’t provide research for methodologies other than CBT based medical model approaches.

So why should I choose to come to you?

Because you have trauma that is still unresolved. Symptoms and triggers that spoil your experience of life and holds you back.

You may have already done many sessions with your psychologist and many other approaches and are looking for something more effective and permanent.

Emotional Mind Integration Sessions

Emotional Mind Integration sessions may be purchased individually or in discount packages. I also offer a discount preparatory talk session for 30 minutes for thise who feel they wouldlike me prior to their decision to book in for Emotioanl Mind Integration treatment session or package. You will pay the full price for EMI sessions knowing that 3-5 sessions is all that is required for most.

This is not suitable for people who have serious mental health diagnosis such as schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality. Please contact me to check if this is right for you.

A session is 60-90 minutes.

Emotional Mind Integration session options

  1. Optional Preparatory chat -30 minute session, to check suitability. If you don’t feel you need this simply book in your treatment sessions.
  2. Individual sessions
  3. 10% 3 session discount package

This is what I offer you with Emotional Mind Integration