Trauma Recovery with Emotional Mind Integration Neurotherapy with The founder Yildiz Sethi.

Emotional Mind IntegrationTrauma Recovery with

Fast Neurotherapy EMI-.

Trauma recovery including sexual abuse, resolution of depression, anxiety, panic, self-esteem and much more in only a few sessions.

For people who help people.

  • Would you like to facilitate people to recovery and positive change quickly, deeply and effectively?
  • 3-5 sessions for most?
  • Use an approach that is: replicable, concise, relatively simple and designed for safety?
  • Clears a neural pathway each time?
  • Completes with integration?
  • Delivers fast results?

The training is suitable for people who help people, therapists of all kinds, counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches and people who want to join this profession.

Emotional Mind Integration is a combination of essential elements of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and hypnosis and neuroscience that has resulted in a neurotherapy called Emotional Mind Integration. A fast practical approach for modern men and women who just want to get on with life and not waste time and money on months or years of therapy, often with little progress.

Emotional Mind Integration is a new psychotherapeutic modality with its own philosophy and methodology to resolving problem behaviour, emotional issues, depression, anxiety, panic, the underlying dynamics of addiction, sexual abuse and a wide range of trauma.

The problem with psychotherapy is that it is a long-term approach. While most psychotherapies acknowledge that many problems are located in repressed feelings and experiences, they often lack the methodologies to access and process them in a timely manner without retraumatizing.

Hypnosis is a highly affective way of accessing repressed and unconscious material. However, hypnosis in itself while relaxing has no power for healing deeper issues. An effective therapeutic approach applied in trance forms a powerful alliance for recovery and fast effective change.

While hypnotherapists are skilled in developing a trance state to access unconscious material, many are often confused about the best ways to assist in the resolution of a wide range of disturbances.

I believe it is important for the psychotherapeutic world to accept the challenge of becoming more effective in serving the mind and emotional needs of the public toward more wellbeing in the twenty-first century.

I hold the perspective we have the knowledge we need to help the people in ways that are relatively fast, deep and healing so as to enable permanent positive change.

Since the beginning of my career in psychotherapy in 2000 I have had a passion for discovering the most effective ways to work with the mind and emotions of ordinary people. This has involved studies in a range of psychotherapies, hypnotherapy, NLP and Family Constellations and eight years as an Educator of Methods of Counselling in Higher education. More recently I have created Emotional Mind Integration.

EMI is hypnotic psychotherapy. It is a combination of cutting-edge psychotherapy in a light hypnotic trance informed by neuroscience to enable rapid effective positive change.

It is a powerful effective combination to enable healing and positive change normally 3-5 sessions for most clients.

This is a complete neurotherapy modality for dealing with personal issues. I define personal issues arise through the choices and events that arise in the biography of a person’s life for more freedom and choice and wellbeing.

Become a leader in your field.

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