Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma Informed TherapyMany people live with trauma for many years under the believe that they have no choice. They need to use strategies to manage it. There is another way.

Trauma Focussed Therapy Working With Adults with Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that quickly:

  • locates the core of an issue and relevant healing pathway
  • completes with integration within each session
  • does not re-traumatise the client
  • quick
  • This form of therapy can help you if you are unable to cope with the trauma you experienced, or if it’s affecting your ability to function.

An effective neurotherapy that clears the neural pathways of disturbances, trauma, sexual assault and sexual abuse.

Deep issues are cleared with Trauma informed Emotional Mind Integration within 3-5 sessions.

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration.

While the process is well defined it is able to be adapted to a wide range of personality types and issues as it is client centred.

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