Trauma Informed therapy for the ‘Me Too’ Movement Yildiz Sethi

Trauma Therapy with Emotional Mind Integration

Trauma Informed therapy for the ‘Me Too’ Movement Yildiz Sethi

The ‘Me Too’ movement and the next step in Trauma Informed Therapy for recovery with Yildiz Sethi


The ‘Me Too’ Movement


The ‘Me Too Movement,’ has been an inspiring and empowering movement. Showing fortitude and courage for those who speak out E.G. Weinstein. Even more for those who take their cases to court in search of justice, while carrying deeply entrenched trauma, PTSD of sexual assault and sexual abuse. The next step for trauma victim empowerment is effective trauma-informed, skilled trauma therapy that is effective and brief. Recovery in only a few sessions. This is what I offer here.


Victims of trauma being heard

While it is gratifying for victims to be heard and believed and see their abusers face justice, there is a belief that this will give closure and a sense of justice. Leading to peace on their healing journey. For many even if they win their cases they frequently find a short lived sense of relief. The nature of such trauma and PTSD is that it is held deep inside in the mind and body tissues. The ‘fight and flight’ responses remain inflamed and the memories are alive in the amygdala, in the brain.  This frequently continues, along with trauma symptoms, flash-backs, visions, panic, emotional fragility and triggers from the core of trauma that remains intact.


The Trauma Informed Medical Model

This may be managed by ongoing medication and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapies), learning strategies and mindfulness practices to attempt to manage symptoms or joining support groups. With the idea that they are survivors and may never recover or function normally. This frequently develops into depression and anxiety and seriously erodes self-esteem and sense of worth and is frequently accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame. This frequently becomes the core of substance abuse.


Another Way for Trauma Informed Therapy and Recovery

In my private practice I am continually reminded that many sexual abuse (or sexual Assault) cases are never declared. Main due to the sense of shame and guilt victims feel. Including the fear that somehow the abuse may be turned on them in some way and they become the target of pubic shaming.


Many people who arrive in sessions with me, frequently do so as a last resort, having spent many years taking part in traditional approaches, who remain deeply traumatised.


Trauma Informed Processing

I have developed a trauma informed and trauma informed processing modality that is gentle, accurate and provides an avenue for those suffering with trauma PTSD and sexual abuse or sexual assault to go through a process of self-healing in only 3-5 sessions for most.   


Emotional Mind Integration for trauma Informed Processing

This is Emotional Mind Integration. A trauma informed and trauma informed skilled processing system to locate and provide pathways for emotional and psychological release. Completing their unique ‘fight and flight’ responses so that the brain according to neuroscience can rewire and reset in our ability and impulse towards self-healing. Homeostasis.  

Yildiz offers Emotional Mind Intrgration to indivudals who are ready to move from surviving to thriving Details and training for mental health workers, counsellors, psychotherapists and social workers Details.