Trauma Focussed Therapy Working With Adults

Trauma Training

Trauma Training is part of  becoming an Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) practitioner.
Emotional Mind Integration is advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that quickly:
  • locates the core of an issue and relevant healing pathway
  • completes with integration within each session
An effective neurotherapy that clears the neural pathways of disturbances, trauma and sexual abuse, so that deep issues are cleared within 3-5 sessions.
Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration.
Trauma training

Trauma Training with EMI is a certificated course.

Emotional Mind Integration is advanced neurotrance psychotherapy that quickly contacts the problem or symptom.

We know that disurbances are trapped in the mind and body (subconscious mind). EMI goes to the root cause for a safe resolution of the ‘fight and flight’ responses trapped in the body and unconscious mind.

The process completes with integration within each session.

This is suitable for anyone who is working with emotional triggers, mental health, self-esteem, trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, substance abuse and personal growth.

Trauma Training

This is an accelerated, intensive of 8 weeks. The training is focused on putting EMI theory into practice so you may start working on completion. You will receive your certificate and may get indemnity insurance and start working. We also privide supervision for ongoing support.

Suitable for counsellors, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, social workers and psychologists, coaches and those who have done NLP and for those who are new to the field or changing careers. Emotional Mind Integration training provides revolutionary, unique knowledge and skills to work with a wide range of personal issues in a brief, solution-focused, experiential way and a powerfully effective manner.


“I am a clinical Hypnotherapist with a full diploma and have learnt far more here in this course than I did in my diploma training. This is practical and grounded and so accurate and once you really understand it, so simple. It has turned my business around as I see people with so much more confidence with this under my belt. It covers such a wide range of issues”. RoEMI is a neuro-trance-psychotherapy that is an accurate, brief, solution-focused and a highly gentle and sensitive modality. Most of all it achieves results of positive change quickly.

While the process is well defined it is able to be adapted to a wide range of personality types and issues as it is client centred.

Emotional Mind Integration is brief, 3-5 sessions for most people. Time and cost efficient.

If you would like to know more about Emotional Mind Integration see Yildiz’s book Rapid Core Healing pathways to growth and emotional healing (2016)

You will receive personal development in the training.

Trauma Training with EMI – details

Emotional Mind Integration is a composite online training. 7 pre recorded webinars and one online live component of 3.5 days 9-4.30pm.

8 week Emotional Mind Integration online Training.

Next Course:

18 April – 13 June

Experiential component 
30 May – 3 June (9.30-4.30pm) online Zoom.

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“A simple succinct and very powerful and well structured and guided process that enables clients to tap into their unconscious emotional state to provide self healing with their own resources that are accessible to them.”


Trauma Training
Trauma Training

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More Details on Trauma and Trauma Training………………

What is Trauma?

Trauma may be a disturbance or shock that may range from mild to extreme.

There are many kinds of Trauma

Attachment Bonding

Much trauma is experienced in formative years starting with poor attachment bonding. A traumatised or closed off parent who is incapable of engaging emotionally with a child, cannot supply the love that the child requires for healthy development. This is one level of trauma.

Trauma Treatment

Trauma treatment using EMI means that there is no retraumatisation of the client.

PTSD Treatment

PTSD treatment using EMI means that there is no retraumatisation of the client.

Ups and Downs of daily life

Growing UP:

Family Life

Living within a family where parents are busy or uncomfortable with emotions or touch, so that a child experiences, not being seen, or heard. Such children may form the belief that they are unworthy, not good enough or insignificant.

Going out into the community

In growing up, in the family, going to school, socialising there are many situations that may be upsetting , such as being excluded, bullied or injustice or worse.

Is it really trauma?

While looking at these experiences from the eyes and experience of your adult self, you may view some of these as relatively small disturbances or traumas. However, a baby or child in such situations has limited knowledge, skills or ability to protect itself. As they are highly vulnerable and dependent on parents or family for survival. They can’t know they will survive.  That is a terrifying situation for many that becomes trapped in their body and mind as trauma.

Trauma may continue to accumulate

Bullying, Shaming, Victimisation, Violence, Sexual Assault

New trauma may continue to form through the ups and downs of life.  Injustice or traumas of life experiences. These form beliefs, emotional states and may result in mind states, mental health problems, triggers, sabotage patterns and trauma responses.

Trauma may be disturbances, disturbed mind states, emotional triggers, mental health related or PTSD and Sexual abuse related.

Generational Trauma (Systemic)

Is another form of trauma that I work with using Systemic Family Constellations 

EMI Trauma
EMI Trauma
Such traumas are deeply buried in the unconscious mind and arise in many symptoms, feelings, mind states, panic attacks, and may affect mental health and self-esteem.

Trauma treatment

Being trauma informed is essential and so is being trauma skilled in processing symptoms, behaviour, and feelings in a safe and efficient manner.

EMI has been designed to do this. Start with a symptom, access its cause in a non-traumatising process and engage in healing pathways, integration in one session at a time. Clearing neural pathways of disturbances one session at a time.

This requires up to 3-5 sessions only for more than 90% of people I see.

Treatment with EMI

means that there is no retrumatisation of client for:

Traumatic events occur in a lifetime

these traumatic events can be handled with EMI without the client having to re-tell the event. So, EMI is a safe way to help get over traumatic events.

EMI Trauma

Emotional Mind Integration training is available

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