EMI Training for trauma informed recovery training


"Yildiz’s EMI therapy is truly revolutionary- it will change the way trauma is resolved. Her training is as effective as the EMI method. Very transformational. Yildiz is a highly skilled teacher who delivers a wonderfully empowering week of training."

Melissa Stinson

Coach and Family Constellations facilitator

"This modality is an excellent short cut to the core of the issue, extremely gentle and compassionate. Its skilfully put together and facilitates the client finding resolutions and leaves them empowered with their new life story. I love it."

Gamze Cassandra Evren

Family Constellations facilitator.

"I have worked as a counsellor for many years with a variety of modalities and at times some of these techniques were limiting to finding a final resolution for the client. EMI geos directly to core of the issue, works with it on many levels to create a new neural pathway. Absolutely fantastic. The EMI process sis quick and effective."

Diane Rooker

Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

"Thank you for providing a pathway that gives people a whole new possibility in life. Combined with Systemic Family Constellations this modality will free people from what may previously been insurmountable issues with ease and grace."

Diane Viola

Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Coach and Family Constellations Facilitator

A lovely safe healing journey. Able to make mistakes and feel “ O good, another opportunity for learning” rather than “O dear, I got it wrong.”


"I think the EMI process is a great compliment to Family Constellations. They link hand in hand and I can see them working together fantastically with clients."

Vin Gannon

Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

"Profound, experiential modality that consistently proves healing of deep rooted pain and trauma."

"A simple succinct and very powerful process to enable clients to tap into their unconscious state to provide self-healing with their own resources available to them."

"I am a counsellor and Art-Therapist, working in private practice with clients presenting a wide range of difficulties and family traumas. The investment in the training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing has opened for me a new avenue of working with clients.

Learning a new tool of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing definitely gave me the ability as practitioner to offer my clients a more rapid and precise way to work through the clients life challenges and traumas. Yildiz Sethi provided us in her training with the newest research in Neuro-Science and how to apply it. The feedback from clients has definitely confirmed the benefits of this approach.

I would recommend this training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing to anyone who works in the humanistic field."

Eliane Mathiuet

CA Counselling

"I highly recommend EMI for all hypnotherapists/NLP’ers. Thi sis the course that will give you the tools and methods that are never covered elsewhere."


Hypnotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

"EMI has amazing techniques which go to the deepest core using the body senses to the base of the issue. Client heals through guided facilitation. It is the client sown resources that does the actual healing, rather than some attempting to heal them. Embodied healing."


Practitioner and Family Constellations Facilitator

"As a therapist I am always looking for a more efficient results driven way to support clients. EMI does this. Monday morning I can begin working with this which is so rewarding to me and beneficial to clients. Thank you!!" 

Helen Harrison

Psychotherapist / Coach