Time for Fast, Effective, Psychotherapy. EMI

This is the founder Yildiz Sethi of EMI Emotional Mind Integration. A powerful way of resolving a wide range of deep personal issues from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, conflicts, self-esteem to recovery of trauma and sexual abuse and relationships.
Let’s look at a fairly typical case. John seeks the help of a mental health professional for his depression.
Six years ago his relationship fell apart and he lost his home in the ensuing financial settlement. About a year later he was diagnosed with depression.
For John, 3-5 sessions of EMI would be sufficient for recovery of his depression and associated issues. This has been my experience with many such clients over years of practice.
EMI covers many bases in one unified approach. It is psychodynamic (in locating the cause), emotionally-focused, person-centred, experiential, solution-focused and brief. It may be used to resolve disturbed emotional-mind states quickly and sensitively. These include depression, anxiety, panic attack, phobias, low self-esteem and a wide range of traumas including domestic violence, sexual abuse and the underlying dynamics of addiction. Of course more complex issues may require more sessions.
In the development of EMI I have formed a modality that spans the hypnotic and psychotherapeutic arenas that are specific, in targeting the source of an issue, a resolution and integration within a session in clearing one neural pathway at a time. EMI Training https://www.rapidcorehealing.com/emi-training-3/    

See https://emotionalmindintegration.com