This is often not something we consciously seek or welcome for the most part. Often it seeks us out, or closes doors, so that former options are no longer available.

This is what has happened to us at this present time collectively, world-wide. From the bigger shake-ups that are taking place on all levels, we are forced to look at our own world. Forced to look at ourselves, where we have been, what we have been doing and examine our intentions or goals. In looking at what may have seemed totally appropriate in 2019 and noticing how out of step this may be in a mid-pandemic period and into a largely unknown future. Many are trying to look forward in visualising a time when we can go back to, as it was,  or on the strength of what we are discovering through being forced into new ways of thinking and perceiving and living, into re-imagining a different future. A different way of living.

This is so for me too. This forced space has opened up a place to reimagine and reshape what I have to offer. Reform some of my perhaps, more rigid ideas about how to offer what I do.

This resulted in looking back and reflecting on some of the changes I had already made. For many years after some inner resistance, I took my sessions online. I had to ride through a fear that something of that precious personal contact between people in the same room would be lost, only to find that the essence of the connection was still very much present, even with a client over the other side of the world. We could see each other and feel the emotion or presence of the other and soon became lost in the energy field between us and fully focused on what needed our attention. And so the work was still deep, relevant and productive in giving highly satisfying outcomes and experiences in a way that I hadn’t imagined could happen, until I tried it out. I had been limited by my own beliefs.

Then came the restriction of not having groups in a Covid climate. What do I do with workshops, trainings, presentations? Shut down for now or permanently, not knowing how long it may last, or how it will be after it has gone?

Then came the idea of moving my training also to online and again that inner resistance to what may be lost in that transaction came forward. This resulted in a period of research and experimentation to find what works and discovering the tools I need under my belt to allow it to take place. I have had to focus on what skills I needed to develop to continue to deliver what I love to offer in terms of professional development and training.

So I am now putting all of my trainings online and will be able to give full details soon. I am converting Systemic Family Constellations practitioner training to an online course consisting of more than 15 webinars/modules that also include group interaction sessions to provide experiential learning along with information and study. When the climate is right again for group sessions I will have the experiential components in face to face group meetings, but keep the majority of the teaching components of the courses online, so trainees may do them at their own pace, time and in the comfort of their own surroundings. This means there is less time spent in travel of having to pay for accommodation when training interstate or internationally.

This is also the case for Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing, Recovery From Sexual Abuse and trauma practitioner trainings. I am converting each to online.

I am offering professional development and training that is deeply foundational in going to core issues to enable positive change, quickly (in only a few sessions). Foundational in being able to be adapted and focused across many fields of interest and according to what kind of business you are running or wishing to create, on a new wave of psychotherapy for a post Covid world in the 21st century.

I am offering an opportunity for more of you to join me in this New Wave to enable the public to have real choice in being able to choose practitioners who are equipped to work with a range of issues to help them in productive ways. Relationships, family and parenting issues as well as mental health or recovery of trauma and sexual abuse issues: from a personal and systemic perspective. A truly wholistic approach. See an animation of EMI Training Here


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