“My depression was so deep. I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I had suffered for many years and seen so many therapists but nothing lasted. Its been nearly a year since I saw Yildiz for 4 EMI sessions and it has transformed my life. The sessions were deep and sensitive and inspiring. I wish I had been able to do this years ago.”
~ Mary

“Wow. What just happened has changed me. My issue made me feel stupid but now after only 3 sessions is so far in the background its like I never had it.”
~ Jeremy

“So happy to let everyone know EMI is so powerful and sensitive. Yildiz is a really warm and compassionate therapist but knew exactly how to guide me. I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it. I will be telling my family and friends.”
~ Carl

“I’m a mature man who was having significant issues with anger, to the point that my marriage was on the line. I had done lots of counselling but nothing changed. Im so greatful to have found Emotional MInd Integration. Thanks so much its saved our family.” Tom

“I have been into mental health facilities for my extreme anxiety and came to Yildiz as a last resort after many years of working with psychiatrists, psychologists and many kinds of medications. Just a few sessions and I am in such a different place. My life has opened up. I strongly recommend this approach with Yildiz.” Jane

“My panic attacks had gone out of control and I had tried everything. Yildiz warmth and deep knowledge got me settled to trust her ways of working. No more panic attacks and I telling everyone, thi sis something so many people could benefit from and only a few sessions. Gratitude”. Daniele


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