Sexual Assault Recovery

Sexual Assault Trauma Recovery is now possible, in only a few sessions with Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

EMI is designed to be safe, gentle highly effective to release and resolve trauma in only a few sessions.

Move from Victim to Surviving to Thriving with In-person or online sessions with Yildiz

Sexual abuse and sexual assault can be devastating to victims. The PTSD trauma frequently has seriously affects that includes extremely poor self-esteem and carrying the burden of what was done to them, as well as triggers, poor mental health and may be the original cause of substance abuse.

At Rapid Core Healing Yildiz has developed unique ways of working, that are gentle and deeply effective in assisting you to leave what happened behind you, so you can take back your personal power and move on in your life, without being traumatised by the psychotherapeutic process.  Practical Trauma Informed Treatment is a new practical approach for safe processing of your trauma safe that requires only 2-4 sessions for most complex traumas.

Trauma Recovery

Neuroscience and epigenetics, innovation in Mind science.

The brain has the capacity to heal Details. Unprocessed trauma may be passed through generations Details.

With Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment is designed to process personal and generational trauma from sexual-assault, abuse and incest. Gently, deeply and fast.

Go from being Victim or a Survivor to Thriving with us at Rapid Core Healing.

In sexual abuse sessions we will use Emotional Mind Integration for sexual abuse that has occurred in your life experience.

Family Constellations for generational patterns and trauma.

Rapid Core Healing for a combination of personal and generational trauma.

Sexual Abuse or Assault Recovery

Victim > Survivor > Thrive!

in only a few sessions

What is Sexual Abuse Trauma?

Sexual assault or sexual abuse leaves its traces on your mind and body. It frequently remains for many years and is frequently accompanied with feelings of shame and guilt and creates low self-esteem, triggers and flashbacks. This frequently develops in mental health issues and affects relationships.

Sexual Assault is frequently a two stranded issue. Often it is embedded in the family system (generational dynamics) and also experienced as a personal experience of assault.

  • EMI works to release and provide a self healing pathway. Personal.
  • Family Constellations works to release and provide a systemic self healing pathway. Generational.
  • The combination approach Rapid Core Healing includes both strands in synchronicity in a triple mastery training.

I offer the following Training Certificates:

EMI Training: Personal. MoreDetails

Family Constellations: Generational. More Details

Rapid Core Healing: Triple Mastery. More Details

Love heals with EMI

“I have had a lot of therapy in my life to help me with trauma after sexual assault many years ago.

I had 4 sessions with Yildiz and at last I can put it behind me. I am even thinking that I would like to find a relationship.

This has changed my life.”

~ Jenni

“I came to Yildiz already having done many mindset practises and also a lot of energy work on two rapes I had that occurred when I was 19 and then again at 26. These practises all helped to some degree but something still wasn’t right and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

You know, you don’t know how deeply something effects you until you do. That may sound silly to say but it is true. For me I just dealt with it and moved on with life, saying to myself yes that happened but life goes on and people have had much worse. But it does effect you. The shame and guilt that buries itself deep inside, your interactions with people, especially men, what you wear, the hyper – alertness. It all effects you and as time goes on it gets worse.

Don’t be that person who thinks they can cope on their own, or that they don’t need help, because you do, we all do.”

~ Name withheld for confidentiality

Sexual Abuse Treatment

Sexual Abuse Trauma Informed Therapy.

The process of Emotional Mind Integration is a highly structured, safe and fast way of locating the cause of a problem or issue.

Assisting you in finding your best solutions and integrating them into fuller consciousness. You may not forget what happened as it recedes into the background. However, the charge or intensity it had before the sessions reduces to a normal range.

The feelings or behaviour fade into the background and you regain your personal power.

Trauma Informed Therapy is Brief

How many sessions will you require?

A few sessions of Emotional Mind Integration are normally required for recovery of most complex issues and traumas. One issue at a time.

This is because one neural pathway at a time is cleared in each session and most issues are complex and have several pathways to clear for each issue.

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Sexual Assault can happen to anyone…

I have seen many people both male and female who have sought help from sexual abuse groups, help though their GP, medication and many sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other approaches that still suffer with the trauma of sexual abuse.

Just a few sessions of Emotional Mind Integration has been life changing in that they can finally let go of what happened along with the shame that they feel and begin the process of taking back their dignity and personal power.

“The shame I felt after sexual assault has ruined my life. I had tried everything else before I went to Yildiz. I can now live a normal life. Thanks you.”

~ Steven

EMI sexual assault
About Emotional Mind Integration Hypnotherapy

“I am a mature lady who has suffered anxiety and hypertension for most of my life. I have seen many specialists and psychologists and tried many different medications.

The sessions I had with Yildiz resolved the trauma I had experienced at the hands of my alcoholic father and my anxiety is now so much lower. I can finally live again.

I highly recommend Yildiz and was angry in reflecting the amount of time and money I have wasted on medical practitioners and medications that didn’t work.”

~ Lue, 67 years old

Are you a Victim of Sexual Assault who is Ready for Change?

Book into a session of Emotional Mind Integration now in person or online. You will be required to pay online when you book in for a session.

If you decide to purchase a package of 3 or 5 sessions at the end of the first session I will give you a discount of 10% on the full package including the one you have already purchased.

Alternatively you may pay session by session at the full rate.

You may contact me to discuss if this is suitable for you.

Interested in becoming a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner for Sexual Abuse Recovery?

We offer Trauma Informed processing in three formats.

  • Emotional Mind Integration for Personal Trauma from lived experiences.
  • Family Constellations for relational bonding and generational trauma
  • Rapid Core Healing for Personal &Systemic trauma combined.

Make your choice in what you wish to do.

Trauma informed Processing

Victims may go from surviving to thriving in only a few sessions with EMI