How and What we can help with:Sexual Abuse

  • We can help you to start living your life and put the abuse or assault behind you.
  • Putting things behind you in a relatively quick time.
  • We can help you to put the blame where it needs to go and take back your power.
  • Assist you in letting go of shame or guilt.
  • We help you put this behind you and start thriving and not just surviving.
  • Perhaps you having a hard time accepting the behaviour of a loved one.   For example we had an adult an abuser who was so ashamed of what his dad had done and could not understand how he could have done it. After the process – not only was the person able to leave the abuse with the dad to hold – he was able to hug his dad.
  • We can help the abusers too. We’ve had abusers come for help. Sometimes an abused person may become an abuser. By helping the abuser we can assist in stopping the pattern.
  • Sometimes a person may feel they have been abused or assaulted, even if there is no memory.
  • Sexual abuse can result in splitting families or isolating the abused.

We had a woman approach us who had been abused by a cousin when they were both young. She avoided family functions and gatherings in case he was there. We were able to help her to come to a good place with what happened such that she was no longer afraid of attending family gatherings any more.

  • Generational sexual abuse. We have had people who have been abused and now they notice that their children are going through the same thing. Generational patterns are what we work with in assisting you in stopping the pattern.
  • People who have been abused by different people and now want to stop this pattern so that they are not abused again.

Recovery is the next step at the sexual abuse recovery clinic.





We have safe techniques that have been designed for effectiveness, safety and relative speed.

Help With Sexual Abuse

I offer sessions and packages in person or online.

I have founded and patented tools and processes to address the direct needs of sexual abuse sufferers so that they can live a fuller life and move forward.

Does this process work equally well with Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse?

Yes. The processes used work equally well with Sexual abuse and Sexual Assault. The processes do not re-traumatise the client.




A session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.


In Person or ONLINE Sessions may take place at the New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse Clinic Wynnum Qld or online Zoom sessions, if you have reliable internet.



We have developed Cutting-edge Tools and processes thanks to the best of former psychotherapeutic approaches and developments in neuro-science and epigenetics.

These processes provide healing pathways to safe, deep, fast and lasting recovery.

They are:

  • Family Constellations (FC)
  • Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)
  • Rapid Core Shift

These methodologies have been proven to work in helping people to overcome sexual abuse and move on.

We have dealt with many cases over the last 19 years and increasingly more so in the last five years with great success.

Trauma informed and Trauma Skilled


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