Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration


Recovery From Sexual Abuse

You don’t have to remain a victim or a survivor of sexual assault when you can thrive with Emotional Mind Integration.

Sexual abuse or sexual assault is a major trauma that can lie in your body and mind for extended periods unless it is resolved appropriately.

Trauma is repressed in the unconscious mind and body where it can form the seat of many triggers and symptoms such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks and PTSD.

Traditionally talk therapies, support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and trauma informed counselling are used for management of the symptoms of Sexual abuse or assault.

According to neuroscience the brain can rewire and heal under appropriate conditions.

Emotional Mind Integration has been designed to be safe, gentle, effective and efficient in assisting you in recovery from sexual abuse trauma.

Emotional Mind Integration is highly effective and efficient in letting go of the trauma, injustice and guilt that often accompanies the trauma of sexual abuse in only a few sessions for a high proportion of the people I see.

The process assists you to internally take back your power and leave the events in the past, where they belong, so you can move on in your life in a positive way

Sexual abuse recovery with Emotional Mind Integration

We have safe techniques that have been designed for effectiveness, safety and relative speed.

Help With Sexual Abuse

I offer sessions and packages in person or online that are trauma informed and trauma skilled.

I have founded and patented tools and processes to address the direct needs of sexual abuse sufferers so that they can live a fuller life and move forward.

Q Does this process work equally well with Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse?

A Yes. The processes used work equally well with Sexual abuse and Sexual Assault. The processes do not re-traumatise the client. 

Sexual Abuse Recovery sessions with EMI

Recovery from Sexual abuse requires 3-5 sessions for most.
You may buy one session at a time or buy a 10% discounted package of 3 if you prefer.

For those who woul dlike to discuss thier options with me prior to a treatment session, you may buy a 30 minute preparation session with me.


I felt scared to finally work with the trauma I carried of my childhood sexual abuse.  Yildiz was so gentle and skillful and the sessions went very quickly. I couldnt believe that in only 3 sessions I would be feeling so well and strong. No more fear and anxiety. I strongly recommmend EMI to anyone who is looking to be free of sexual abuse. 


My abuse filled me such shame and guilt, I didnt believe I would ever be free of it and the flashbacks. The sessions with Yildiz were so releasing and left me feeling so much lighter each time.I am now much more at peace and finally able to look forward in my life and am excited about th e possibilities.


What a breath of fresh air the sessions with Yildiz were. It was such a relief that I didnt have to talk about what happened to me and the sessions were so gentle and sensitive and most of all respectful.

My discomfort with relationships and intimacy has gone and I am really enjoying my new relationship. 

I strongly recommend Yildiz and EMI to anyone who is still scarrrred by their sexual abuse.