People often ask what is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)?

EMI Emotional Mind Integration

How is Emotional Mind Integration different to counselling or hypnotherapy?

What benefits have in using it?

EMI is a way of resolving the personal disturbances underlying mental health issues, blocks, triggers and trauma at its core. EMI is structured for safety in holding space for resolutions, letting go and personal empowerment. Clearing one neural pathway at a time on many levels simultaneously for maximum clearing and integration within each session.
The fast way to personal healing and transformation.

EMI is a neuro-trance psychotherapy that requires only a few sessions for disturbances, resolving the core of most mental health problems, triggers, mind states, emotional states, sabotage, panic, anxiety, depression and trauma including PTSD. (Not for serious mental health diagnoses such as schizophrenia or bipolar etc)

Its different form counselling because it is not talk therapy. As most deeper problems are repressed we know that talk therapy is not equipped to locate and work with subconscious feelings and thoughts.

Its different to traditional hypnotherapy because it is designed and structured carefully for accuracy and safety to deliver fast results. Just a few sessions 3-5 for each complex issue.

You will gain empowerment, more confidence and most of all a resolution of the problem your facing. This can have a large spin of effect on your relationships and your movement towards living the life you want to live. If you are ready for change book for a session, or do the training NOW

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