Justice Heals

Emotional Mind IntegrationJustice Heals with EMI

The effects of injustice can be insidious in losing faith in yourself and others. This may result in fear, anxiety, panic, depression, shocks, trauma and poor self-esteem.

Even for those who take their cases to court, even if they win, there is an initial sense of euphoria and yet somehow it frequently fades as it doesn’t really feel like justice has being served, as the feelings and memories remain. For others who do not win in court or never report what happened, the fact that it stays within festers and may overtake all the good that is present in life. You may stand up to injustice by cutting off a damaging relationship or leave your job, due to bullying, but the undercurrent waves of injustice can linger and reduce your trust in yourself and your confidence and capacity to enjoy life. For those who seek help, they may find the doctor, counselling, alternative therapies, energy-clearing or healing, EFT tapping that really helps, but for many the effects linger on

Over more than twenty years of working with people with a master of counselling and clinical hypnotherapy, I have found that there are specific core elements of life events that are key to resolve if the mind and heart are to recover and be renewed to optimum health and vigour.

 In working with symptoms and ailments that people struggle with, I have developed and trademarked a way of working that creates a safe space in their inner world, where they can experience release, completion and finally receive the justice that they so needed to regain balance and wellness. In the aftermath of the felt relief, the brain rewires and renews itself, starting in the session. The process is completed with integration that is empowering and most people require 3-5 sessions only, even for stubborn long-term problems. (Excluding serious DSM5 cases such as Schizophrenia, personality disorder etc.)

This is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI), founded by me Yildiz Sethi that is suitable for a wide range of issues such as personal inner conflicts, disturbances, triggers, sabotage patterns, habits, mental health, trauma and sexual abuse therapies.

 Imagine being free of those feelings, thoughts, images and memories appear to have a life of their own in your life and be able to focus on more enjoyable positive aspects of life. I offer Emotional Mind Integration sessions and Practitioner training courses for existing and new therapists so that more people may enjoy freedom and better health.

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