Its time for a new wave in Psychotherapy Training

Emotional Mind Integration EMI is a concise, elegant and complete modality for helping people with a wide range of personal conflicts, disturbed emotional mind states and trauma. I developed this modality as a response to a problem I had with the traditional approaches I was using.

I have been using Family Constellations since 2005. I love its philosophy and practice as it is perfect for systemic issues. By this I mean those patterns or feelings we carry for and with our family of origin. However, over the years I have found that not all issues fit best into the systemic framework. Some of our issues come more from our biography specifically.

What are biography issues?

These are personal issues that arise from the events and choices of our life that result in distress or inner conflict. Generally they do not come from Family of origin.

I am aware that there is a fine and often invisible line between the systemic and non-systemic, but when issues are not systemically based I have found the Family Constellation process provide awareness but may not be the most effective approach for resolution.

The problem for me once I had become a Family Constellation facilitator working with systemic issues is that I found working with non-systemic issues with my counselling and hypnotherapy training was clunky, awkward and slow or ineffective in comparison.

This led me to consider how I could take what was useful from my Constellation experience into a new way of working specifically for personal issues in a way that was fluid and effective so as to compliment the Constellation process for non systemic issues.

I have never accepted the belief that effective psychotherapy must be a long-term approach and cannot take place relatively rapidly in a few sessions. Just because it may have taken years to develop an issue, it doesn’t have to take along time to resolve. I believe that with present knowledge of the brain, mind, emotions and neural science and the best of former psychotherapies it is possible to formulate new and revolutionary approaches if we go outside the box of conventional thinking to allow a new approach to emerge.

Over time I have fused the best of former and present day modalities, valuable client experience and the latest findings in neural science in forming a neuro-trance-psychotherapy called Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). EMI is embedded in a wholistic, mind, body philosophy that has unique techniques for locating the root of present day issues quickly. This takes place through neural pathways via body senses, the mind and emotions and through specific EMI processes for resolution and integration. All within one session.

As the name suggests EMI utilises trance to locate neural pathways and apply effective and rapid psychotherapy so that 3-5 sessions is often sufficient for a resolution of a wide range of personal issues of depression, anxiety, trauma related issues, sexual abuse and the underlying dynamics of addiction.

The modality is person-centred, solution-focused and empowering in facilitating the client in finding their own unique Healing pathway to recovery. It comes out of constellation, humanistic and phenomenological philosophy that is highly respectful of the client as it is client centred. This is the perfect companion to the Family Constellation methodology that works.

The combination of EMI and Family Constellations is a complete wholistic approach called RCH Rapid Core Healing. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in making a wholistic approach for systemic and non-systemic issues in one modality. In creating RCH and EMI I have not attempted to reinvent the wheel as I utilise much of our former psychotherapeutic knowledge along with present day science into a practical functional approach.

I have been training people Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) training with an inspirational group of practitioner from 5 Australian states. They have been delighted to learn this complete, unique and stand-alone neuro-trance-psychotherapy in only 6 days. In return I was delighted to find that they were able to use it competently within the training period.

I believe this is the answer to helping  many people out of suffering that is far more effective than the approaches currently in use.

Former students who do not have a counselling, psychology, social work or hypnotherapy background who have done Family Constellations training with me have often asked if they should do further studies in those areas so they can be recognised as practitioners and have professional insurance.

EMI and RCH is the answer to such would-be practitioners.

In doing these courses, Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration or the complete Rapid Core Healing you may be registered with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies) and receive insurance for your practice as a duty of care to your clients. This is an important development for those who wish to be practitioners.

Those who have completed Family Constellations and EMI training may elect to do the final modality Rapid Core Healing (RCH) to become Rapid Core Healing practitioners if they choose.

RCH is a Master practitioner level of training, in providing participants with knowledge and skills in Systemic Constellations, Personal non systemic issues and the use of trance.

Further, EMI training enables participants to be able to use it with clients straight away.

I visualise a time in the not too distant future when students of psychotherapy will be able to gain effective knowledge and skills and on going support and professional development through training of modalities such as Emotional Mind Integration, Family Constellations and complete approach such as Rapid Core Healing. The knowledge will be out that such training does not have to cost a fortune in time and money and yet provide high training standards. Such modalities will have become known for their effectiveness at alleviating suffering in a world that knows that positive change is both an expectation and a human right to wellbeing.