Counselling EMI Emotional Mind IntegrationIs EMI a good replacement for counselling?

What is EMI philosophy?

Helps resolve trauma without re-trumatising the client

EMI philosophy is based on the idea that our personality is made up of Emotional Mind States to assist us in coping with life. Many of them are valid and assist in navigating all aspects of our life. Some emotional mind states are problematic.

How does it work?

EMI is Emotional Mind Integration, designed to work with problematic Emotional Mind States in a brief (up to 3-5 sessions), client-centred, experiential. This process is gentle, safe, efficient and quick in resolving your issue(s). The process does not re-traumatise the client as there is no re-telling of the incident.

EMI is designed to resolve problematic conflicts, disturbances and dysfunction and trauma relates issues in only a few sessions for most people, excluding those with serious DSM5 diagnoses such as personality disorders, and conditions including psychosis such as schizophrenia.

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Emotional Mind Integration is based in:

Sound Humanistic and Family Constellation philosophy in an understanding that human beings require:

Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, knowing that in their absence dis-ease thrives.

The Science

Neuroscience that has shown that it is possible to let go of the old and create new neural pathways for deep psychological change. This may take place in only a few sessions.

Emotional Mind Integration  is designed to resolve personal disturbances that have occurred in the biography (life-time) of a person.

 If your disturbance, pattern or trauma is part of a systemic (generational) issue Family Constellations. is an appropriate and highly effective methodology to use. Yildiz is a Family Constellations practitioner.

If you are unsure what may be most appropriate for you, it may be helpful to have a conversation with Yildiz prior to booking in.

A session of EMI:

  1. Resolves at least one neural pathway of disturbance each session.
  2. Is a self-healing process through EMI Healing Pathways.
  3. Works with the conscious, unconscious mind, emotions and body senses throughout the process
  4. Utilises a light trance to relax the mind so that EMI neurotherapy can engage and work with the core of issues in a way that resolves and does not cause re-traumatisation.
  5. Is a structured series of processes designed to ensure safety.
  6. Works with poorly formed attachment bonds for a healthier sense of self and better relationships
  7. Each session is adapted to your specific requirements.
  8. Each issue requires 3-5 sessions to resolve several aspects of the issue, as human psyche’ is complex

People ask me all sorts of questions of EMI, (Emotional Mind Integration):

Is EMI counselling?

No its not a form of counselling, although it is a mind/body based new psychotherapeutic modality. Counselling

Is EMI a good replacement for counselling?

Yes – EMI works in a much shorter time frame and the client is not re-traumatised by the EMI process

Is EMI hypnotherapy?

It is not a form of traditional clinical hypnotherapy, as it has not yet been included in clinical hypnotherapy diploma training. It is a form of advanced hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy

Is EMI psychotherapy?

It is a neuro-trance-psychotherapy. It is a cutting edge psychotherapy that includes neurotherapy that takes place in a trance state. Psychotherapy

Is EMI like NLP?

It is not NLP

EMI is a combination of the effective specific elements from many former psychotherapeutic approaches including hypnosis and hypnotherapy with neuroscience in a concise and elegantly structured, fluid and adaptable approach. NLP

Is EMI like CBT?

NO CBT was created in the 1960’s and is part of the medical model and often includes medication CBT

IS EMI Trauma Informed?

EMI is trauma informed and also trauma skilled to enable you to resolve it. Trauma Informed

What is Neuro-trance psychotherapy?

Neuro -meaning clearing neural pathways. Normally one neural pathway each EMI session.

Trance meaning with the application of an EMI light hypnotic trance.

Psychotherapy meaning a new EMI philosophy, practice and application.

Is EMI a good replacement for counselling? – in conclusion

In conclusion  EMI is a good replacement for counselling:

  • Doesn’t re-traumatise the client
  • Quicker (and therefore cheaper)
  • Leaves a client with a feeling that justice has been done
  • Works – allows the client to put the trauma behind them

Who is the training of EMI suitable for ?

  1. Suitable for training for existing practitioners and new ones.
  2. For the treatment of those who require help with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, poor self-esteem, sabotage patterns and trauma recovery.
  3. EMI is available in practitioner training for those who are practitioners and new practitioners. Details of training

What is the main problem for me the founder in letting people know about EMI?

EMI is a relatively new modality that most people haven’t heard of yet. Those who come on board with it now will be at the forefront of its acceptance into the wider mental health world.

Many practitioners are open to advancing their knowledge and working more effectively for better outcomes with their clients.

It has taken me over 20 years of study and working with clients to found Emotional Mind Integration and I offer this training to those who are looking for better knowledge and techniques to really make a difference to those who seek their help.

Over time I see this new way of working using Emotional Mind Integration rolling out and becoming available in every city in Australia and beyond as a real alternative to the long term management of symptoms supported by medication towards recovery and wellness in a large proportion of the population with a much smaller reliance on medication who are healthier more resilient.

EMI is available for private sessions for mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem and recovery from trauma in sessions or packages. Details

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EMI is available in practitioner training for those who are practitioners and new practitioners. Details of training

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Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:Using the unique dual approach of

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Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health.(2016) Y Sethi 

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