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We have been watching the training video. we love your teaching methods. You make it so simple to understand, you use great diagrams to explain it and simple everyday language. You also speak slowly so we have time to absorbe and process concepts you ae teaching Much appreciate Isla and Peter Loch 

Isla Loch

Social worker/coach

The EMI process is a well thought out one, which is easily learned and immediately applicable upon completion of the training to a wide range of clients and issues. Using ideas and techniques from a variety of disciplines, Yildiz has come up with a unique recipe for resolving issues at the source.  Her approach is new and innovative.  I’m glad that I did the training and have been using it with success from completion of the training just over 2 weeks ago to the present day.  I’m am happy to be able to offer it to clients who are seeking a rapid and safe resolution to their particular challenges. 

Gail Kenny

Psychotherapist over 20 years in the field

“This modality is an excellent short cut to the core of the issue, extremely gentle and compassionate. Its skilfully put together and facilitates the client finding resolutions and leaves them empowered with their new life story. I love it.”

Gamze Cassandra Evren Family Constellations facilitator.

“I have worked as a counsellor for many years with a variety of modalities and at times some of these techniques were limiting to finding a final resolution for the client. EMI geos directly to core of the issue, works with it on many levels to create a new neural pathway. Absolutely fantastic. The EMI process is quick and effective.”

Diane Rooker psychotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator

I have done the EMI training with Yildiz. The first one ever and in the flesh.
Like you I had significant experience with similar modalities as you describe.
For me, what I learned from Yildiz was very helpful and I use the EMI a lot.

The strength of the EMI model, when you already understand what you like to achieve ( by means of modern neuro-scientific ways), is that it is a prescribed and very deliberate gracious way to get to the core quickly and repair gently and effectively. The advantage of having your experience along with it is that you can smoothly add to the prescribed model when unexpected things happen and do what you find is more useful/needed. You can also easily switch from EMI to an internal Family Constellations. Yes, it allows creativity.

Doing it online is OK because the whole process is internal.

Important components of EMI that may be new or less familiar may be the bringing into the process of already well formed ego states (as I was familiar with through advanced trauma oriented psychodrama) and the healing words as in Family Constellations.

Yildiz did exactly that; integrating all the modalities she had learned previously and extracting the healing components or active ingredients of those modalities to create a gracious process. Handy to have in your toolkit and cutting short your client engagement by many sessions.

Boyo Barta

Sharman/social worker/psychotherapist 20 years

“I am a counsellor and Art-Therapist, working in private practice for the last 14 years, with clients presenting a wide range of difficulties and family traumas.
The investment in the training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration EMI has opened for me a new avenue of working with clients. 

I have had training in Hypnotherapy with two organisations before doing this course. While EMI and Hypnosis have similarities, EMI is a much more practical and to the core intervention. It is transforming the clients challenges in just a few sessions. I haven’t had that success with only using Hypnotherapy.
Learning a new tool of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing definitely gave me the ability as practitioner to offer my clients a more rapid and precise way to work through the clients life challenges and traumas.
Yildiz Sethi provided us in her training with the newest research in Neuro-Science and how to apply it. The feedback from clients has definitely confirmed the benefits of this approach.

I would recommend this training with Yildiz Sethi in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing to anyone who works in the humanistic field.”

Elaine Mathiuet

Counsellor/psychotherpist./art therapist

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