Get rid of your emotional triggers with Advance Hypnotherapy EMI

Get rid of your emotional triggers with Advance Hypnotherapy EMI

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Get rid of your emotional triggers with Advance Hypnotherapy EMI

Do you have emotional or psychological triggers that come up suddenly? Before you know it you’re in a rage or being defensive or feeling really sad, or feel that people are criticising or judging you, or feel like so you want to curl up in a ball and withdraw?

These are all common reactions to triggers that some people call these their ‘buttons’. Sometimes it’s just a look or a tone of voice or a smell or vision or situation that sets it off, or a particular type of person that comes into the room. Something about their look or the way they look at you that sets it off.

These are reactions and feeling that you may find hard to manage or control because once your in that state it overcomes you for a while. You may have already tried counselling or psychotherapy, or even regular clinical hypnotherapy to sort it out or let it go. You may even have done sessions with your psychologist of Cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) and strategies or medication to help you manage the triggers or symptoms, or anger management courses, or mindfulness meditation and yet they’re still present.

This may have effects on your self-esteem and trust in yourself, your relationships, work or business and be a major damaging effect on your life.

Yildiz come from a science back-ground originally and like to source and witness results in my clients to verify my methodologies. She has been a counsellor, since the year 2000. Yildiz noticed that people with triggers needed deeper help and so she became a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Family Constellations practitioner.

She finally developed a way of working that works with triggers and trauma deeply and effectively in a timely manner.  Yildiz has discovered that we are all made up of emotional mind states, most of which are healthy and balanced. We also hold disturbed Emotional Mind states that are frozen into the time they were formed and repressed in the unconscious mind. These form triggers in the nervous system that may be set off daily cues.

With EMI , Yildiz clear one neural pathway at a time and complete with integration each session. This is a neuro-trance psychotherapy, an advanced hypnotherapy you won’t come across in any clinical hypnotherapy training, as it is new.Yildiz is the founder of EMI.  It is designed for accuracy, safety an efficiency in locating the trigger and disturbed Emotional Mind state quickly.  EMI then puts it to rest in a wholistic way and integrating it into your mind and body within the session. This requires an average of 3 sessions for each trigger.

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