FAQ’s of EMI training

People often want to know about  Yildiz’s education background?

Masters Counselling, Diploma clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Prac, B.Ed, Certificate in Ego State Therapy, Family Constellations training. Supervisor for counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Constellations.

High school Physics and chemistry teacher for many years

Educator at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years, specialising in Methods of counselling. Holding trainings of Systemic Family Constellations since 2008.

Private practice since 2000

Many are confused about which direction they should take. Stay in traditional education, or choose a newer path that is more up-to-date and effective in providing effective skills and practice?

Consider what is your highest priority.

If you require a qualification to work within the medical model in a government or medical organisation, you will need to do training that is recognised and required by them. Traditional university training in your chosen field may be enjoyable, intellectually-stimulating, fascinating, provide you with a wealth of knowledge, perspectives, philosophies and provide you with recognised credentials and status. If this is important to you, this may be your best path.

Pracademic- Applying theory to practice
However, if you are in private practice, being able to identify, locate and assist in resolving a wide range of issues including trauma-based issues quickly and effectively may be most important to you. The trainings I offer may be more appropriate to your needs, in terms of practical application for real people with real issues. In my trainings you are provided with theory, applied neuroscience and therapeutic applications in structured approaches that can be tailored to each client, to clear neural pathways of disturbances for a wide range of issues including trauma, that are unique. Cost effective
This is also cost effective as it provides value to your practice, clients and the success of your business in you becoming a really effective practitioner in the community.

If you are in private practice, you have a choice of doing conventional, traditional training or training that provides you with the up to date knowledge and skills required to become the most effective practitioner you can be in your chosen field.

If you have done lots of former education in the mental health areas and have Diplomas, Masters, PHD, with many years of study, costing significant amount of money, you may wander, what would you gain by doing EMI Certification?

If the training you have done so far has equipped you to do what you would like to do in your field well, then perhaps EMI training is not for you.

If, however, you have found that even though you have spent a lot of time and money in what you have studied so far, that you do not have what you require to be able to locate the seat of issues, emotions, beliefs and behaviour and don’t have the knowledge to assist your clients in timely resolutions, then EMI training may be perfect professional development for you.

EMI training would provide you with essential-psychotherapeutic knowledge, structure and skills to clear neural pathways in a replicable, effective and safe-manner.

If you have done significant education in mental health, psychology already, can you ask for exceptions in the trainings Yildiz offers and reduced fees?

The knowledge, skills and techniques Yildiz offers in her trainings are not covered in conventional education.  Yildiz’s ways of thinking about the mind, what goes wrong and what is required to assist a client in their healing is vastly different to what is found in conventional education. For this reason no exceptions or reductions of fees are appropriate here.

If you are doing a (Master’s degree or PHD) that is taking up a lot of my time and money, but would really like to do EMI certification, can you offer me a discount?

You have a choice. I am a private provider of training and education. My focus is on putting appropriate theory into practice that provides cutting edge skills and knowledge to assist people in ways that no traditional education can offer. Is that you want? It is my experience that many people who have advanced degrees in mental health or psychotherapy are surprised and relieved to find that the trainings I offer become the main modalities they use with real people for a wide variety of issues in delivering tangible results across a wide continuum of mental health issues.

The value of what I offer in certification, should be able to be recouped easily through your effectiveness with clients that this training provides you in giving you a valuable point of difference in being able to offer effective services.
The courses I offer are unique and highly practical and beneficial to you and your practice and your clients. I believe they are highly cost effective and excellent value for money. I do offer discounts on packages on my sales pages. I don’t offer further discounts