Recovery From Sexual Abuse

You can recover form Sexual abuse and leave it in the past.

If you have experienced sexual abuse and find that it is still troubling to you, you are in the right place. Emotional Mind Integration is an appropriate way to assist you in putting it behind you so you can move on in your life.

Yildiz is highly experienced at assisting in the Recovery of Sexual abuse. She has developed new ways of working that are gently, effective and relatively fast. With Emotional Mind Integration an average of 3-5 sessions are required. This may take place online Zoom or in person in Brisbane.

Recover From Sexual Abuse Quickly


Sexual abuse can stay with you for life and affect your self-esteem, sex-life and relationships long after the event.

Applied neuroscience Emotional Mind Integration is highly effective at helping you recover and put your life back on track. Don’t delay. Book in NOW

EMI is the powerful, respectful and sensitive approach to assist you to let go of guilt an shame related to the abuse and to recovering your dignity and personal power.

Take back your freedom in an EMI methodology that does not retraumatise and assists you in following an appropriate healing pathway.

Yildiz runs
New Dawn Recovery From Sxual Abuse Clinic

Contact us to find out if this is a suitable approach for you, or book a session NOW.


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