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Emotional Mind Integration Training Helen Harrison Poer of Change Coaching and Counselling

“A profound experiential modality that consistently proves healing of deep rooted pain and trauma.”

“As a therapist this modality has been the missing link in my private practice. I am excited to you this elegant method of treating so many issues for people as it completely allows the unconscious mind to heal itself.”

“Lovely safe learning journey. Able to make mistakes and feel, ‘Oh good another opportunity for learning’ rather than ‘oh dear, I got that wrong’. “

“The EMI process is a great compliment to Family Constellations. They hand in hand and I can see them working fantastically with clients.”

Delivery of the course is through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

“A simple succinct and very powerful process to enable clients to tap into their unconscious emotional state to provide self healing with their own resources that are accessible to them.”

Objectives of Emotional Mind Integration Training

Objectives of EMI Emotional Mind Integration Training

  • Resolves ‘fight and flight’ interruptions and disturbed responses.
  • Clears neural pathways of disturbances, conflicts and trauma for the resolution of personal emotional and psychological issues for wellbeing.
  • To enable participants to gain further knowledge of how the mind, psychology and emotions operate and how they may be utilized to find and follow healing pathways to better health and recovery in a brief, experiential, solution-focused and person-centred process.

The course is rich in essential psychotherapy and neuroscience theory about the problems that people face and how they may be helped in the self-healing process.


With EMI Mind Science training you will learn a modality that:

  • Works to resolve suffering and enable positive change.
  • Is succinct and structured, streamlined and elegant and relatively simple to use
  • Is a fusion of the essential aspects of what works in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with the latest advances in neuroscience in a unique modality that enables fast change and recovery for more than 90% of clients, excluding serious DSMV mental health conditions.
  • Is an integration of the most pertinent knowledge and skills from the past with the latest in neuroscience.
  • Is so effective that more than 90% of the public require only 3-5 sessions of EMI for deep and long lasting positive change (excluding more serious DSMV mental health conditions).
  • Receive a copy of the book introducing Emotional Mind Integration Read More

Emotional Mind Integration for Family Constellations practitioners

Emotional Mind Integration is constellation informed around what is required for wellness. This makes it a perfect complement to Family Constellation practitioners to complete a truly wholistic practice. Constellations for working with the systemic (generational) and Emotional Mind Integration for working with the present or non-systemic aspects of a person’s issue. Thereby providing you with a wide and sound foundational basis for your practice.

No longer do you need to add to a bag of tools to work with those issues that constellations cannot, because they’re not systemic. I use Emotional Mind Integration for all personal and trauma related issues and Family Constellations for the generational aspects. This covers over 90% of what my clients require for good results.

EMI is also a neuro-trance psychotherapy that is informed by neuroscience and hypnotherapy as well, in one seamless process.

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