Emotional Mind Integration Fees

You’re here at Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) for a reason…

I would like you to consider, what you have spent so far in time and money on sabotage, mental health, triggers, emotional or mind states, trauma or personal development?

Did you get what you sought?

Nearly all of my clients come to me after spending a lot of time and money with many practitioners who are still suffering with their symptoms.

More than 90% of my clients are highly satisfied with the results in 1 or 2 sessions or up to 4 sessions may be required for each more complex issue.

Cost comparison examples from different modalities

Treatment TypeCost per sessionNumber of sessionsHow many weeksTotal CostClient Satisfaction
Medicare CBTGap88Gap?
General Hypnotherapy$25088$2000Good
Emotional Mind Integration $30022$540High


Emotional Mind Integration is:

  • Cost effective
  • Quicker
  • High client satisfaction for more than 90% of our clients.
  • When people are ready for change  – then change takes place quickly.
  • There is an added benefit in that the person you have the issue with (if it is an issue with an individual e.g. your sibling or  your boss)  does not need to attend the session.

My abuse took place in my childhood and had resurfaced more recently in really disturbing ways.

I’m so glad I was referred by a friend to Yildiz. She was so gentle and the sessions so releasing. I can’t thank you enough.

~ Jeannette, 44 years old

I’ve had PTSD since my army days and thought I just had to put up with it until I found Yildiz online.

It was hard for me to believe that she could help me in just a few sessions, but thats all it took. I’m so grateful and finally finding some peace.

~ Kevin, 56 years old

I didn’t realise that my anger was ruining my relationships and affecting my children too.

It had been part of my life for so long. It took my marriage being on the rocks to make me get help.

I tried many people before I found EMI and Yildiz.

The sessions were so deep and profound. I could never have guessed where they would go but I no longer have that raging anger any more.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for real help.

Its saved my family!

~ Sam, 35 years old

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