EMI and Mental Health training


Mental health practitioners,

With EMI you will be taught EMI interviewing so that you can clarify the core symptoms of your client and given a clear well structured and safe approach to assist them in resolving it. This is suitable for the majority of mental health issues, excluding the more serious DSM5 diagnoses


While counselling skills are valuable and assist you in gaining rapport with your client, when you or they are ready to resolve their issue deeply and quickly, with EMI training you will have an elegant structured and safe approach to facilitate the process and apply it to their requirements.


EMI is a way of short circuiting the therapeutic approach by resolving the underlying and often trauma based issues under the symptoms and stories that people of themselves. EMI is brief experiential solution focused neuro-psycho-therapy. If you are ready for the latest cutting edge approach to helping people more effectively you will find this the most valuable training that you have had so far.

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