Coaches, Sports and performance coaches and EMI

Coaches, Sports and performance coaches and EMI

Coaches, Sports and performance coaches and EMI

Your focus is on growth, excelling and facilitating people in fulfilling their potential and realising their dreams. While your training may be good, what happens when you have exhausted your skills? When even NLP techniques don’t help? Your client is still stuck with sabotage patterns and blocks or limiting beliefs?

EMI is a perfect, fast, experiential and solution-focused way of helping your clients through their blocks, towards more freedom, that will enhance your business and personal successes and the progress of those who seek your services.

Whether it is about winning a race, a game, confidence, going to the next level of a career – EMI is the perfect tool for success.

A win-win situation.

Who is this training suitable for?

The prerequisites for training is for people who are wise, compassionate and mature (not age dependent) . You will have a desire to learn and be open to new possibilities and feel a calling to help others.

  • Coaches (life coach, business coach) personal development.
  • New people entering the caring industry.
  • Mental health professionals (counsellors, social workers, hypnotherapists, psychologists, natural therapists).

What will this training equip me to focus on?

  1. Success, Business, Work
  2. Wellness and physical health
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Self-Esteem
  6. Relationships Couples, Family, Blended families, Single parent families. Parenting.
  7. Family Court Mediation (for those who are qualified in this area.)
  8. Personal and Systemic trauma.
  9. Recovery From Systemic Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
  10. Working online


Practitioners have the theory and practice etched very deeply into their being and so it flows fluently into action.

Teaching Style

This is an experiential, online (zoom), online webinars, readings and self assessments as well as assignments.  The teaching is demonstrated in real situations in online zoom sessions. This results in you gaining lots of personal development yourself. Reading material is recommended to enhance the learning and course notes are provided. The course involves exploring dynamics, entanglements and loyalties and how to conduct sessions.

Fully Online

Payment Plans are available as we are partnered with

Receive the knowledge, skills and practice:

  • To help your clients with break-throughs, fast
  • Be able to come with situations which are not strictly coaching issues
  • On completion you will receive your certificate
  • Buy insurance and start working straight away
  • Become a highly effective brief therapist with satisfied clients
  • Profound Personal and Professional Development


“As a therapist this modality has been the missing link in my private practice. I so am excited to use this elegant method of treating so many issues for people, as it is a safe process that allows the unconscious mind to heal itself.”