Can Depression be cured?
Can Depression be cured?

Can Depression be cured? – Overview

The first part of this post will be on the current situation.

The second part is on how depression can be overcome and there is another way.

The third part is on going “from surviving to thriving”.

Training is also available for those who might be interested.

Depression and CBT

In most information about depression there is talk about how to cope with it, understand and manage the symptoms.

The most commonly recommended approach for depression is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). This is most often recommended by the Medical model.  Starting with your general practitioner, doctor, who may refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. This approach has expanded in recent years from working with CBT strategies and tools for managing thoughts and behaviours, to:

The main ideas are about managing the condition rather than complete recovery.

In more recent times,  there has also been a move to take away the shame frequently associated with depression and mental health issues. Generally, removing shame has to be a good thing. However, this has led to more people than ever being diagnosed with depression. The use of pharmaceutical drugs sky-rocketing. The problem is that the Medical Model still largely holds the view that depression: can’t be cured, but only managed and is often for life.

The issue here is that this is not in keeping up with the latest findings in neuroscience. Neuroscience shows that the brain can be cured. New neural pathways can be formed with appropriate treatments and quickly, for a large proportion of the population.

So, if you go down the pathway of seeking help through the medical model you are likely to be able to obtain a Medicare rebate package of several sessions to see a psychologist. Often, you will be prescribed medication. However, this also comes most with the deeply held belief in medical professional education that recovery or cure is not possible. The only option is a program of management which is supported by the pharmaceutical industry.  

Can Depression be cured?

Yes it can and there is another way.

I believe there is a need to normalise many things that are currently deemed abnormal. Depression should be considered a normal state. We all experience depression from time to time. We all experience sadness, losses, disappointments, shocks, injustice and trauma. It shakes us up at a deep level. We may need to withdraw to digest it and come out of it in our own time.

This is normal and I believe should not be medicalised and labelled as if there is something wrong with you. The mind and body is resilient and there is a natural process of homeostasis that takes place if we allow it to take place. I talk about this in my book Rapid Core Healing. However, if you are finding it hard to come out of or assimilate your depression, it is highly appropriate to seek effective help. We all need help sometimes.

However, it is hard for the public to know where to go.

“From surviving to thriving”

Imagine if you worked with someone who strongly believes that recovery is possible Not only that it is probable but that recoveries are the norm and that they take place frequently.

Yildiz uses techniques which do not retraumatise. You do not have to talk/recount the issue.

The clients themselves notice the difference and recover and:

  1. move on from their depressive states
  2. into new mind and emotional states
  3. new perspectives

and in only a few sessions.

Yildiz is a psychotherapist, Master of Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over twenty years of clinical experience with clients.She is  the founder of two psychotherapies which have created a way of working with the mind. The processes she has created are able to locate the root of the depression and assist you in unravelling it quickly. Clearing one neural pathway at a time with most people requiring only 3-5 sessions for recovery.

Why settle for managing symptoms when you could be symptom free? From surviving to thriving.

I  am reaching out to you to let you know that depression does not have to be a life-sentence!

Looking forward to a time when this new intention of working with the human experience. I hope this way of dealing with mental health becomes central to the medical model and available to all. In this I provide sessions in person and online to individuals.

Online training to those who would like to become practitioners of the ways I am working Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). EMI is Neuro-trance psychotherapy.

Can Depression be cured? – TestimonialCan Depression be cured?

Yildiz is an experienced and skilled practitioner in the trauma space. I have been a counsellor for more than a decade and this work is the fastest systemic healing I have witnessed. It reaches a level that goes beyond talk therapy, creating deep and lasting change. I highly recommend Yildiz and her work.

My sessions with Yildiz have and continue to enhanced my life . Each session left me feeling relieved as toxic energy was released and removed, empowered as I regained my true self, lighter as the negative emotions were dealt with, peaceful as I regained my true self and these feelings continue to grow. I highly recommend Yildiz and the work that she does. I can confirm it really does only take a few sessions to see tremendous change! Thank you 🙏 Yildiz, I am eternally grateful that I found you.

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