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Emotional Mind Integration with Practical Trauma Informed  Treatment for Personally aquired trauma.
This includes sexual abuse recovery.

We offer Emotional Mind Integration twice each year. April and October.

Emotional Mind Integration is a vital component of Rapid Core Healing along with Family Constellations.

Trauma Informed Therapy for PTSD & Sexual Assault Recovery

Emotional Mind Integration

Rapid Core Healing
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Emotional Mind Integration

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Professional Certification Online Training

9 WEEKS Training

Part 1 Full Online course

Part 2 Live Experiential component

Part 3: 4 Case studies

* Week Online Learning
Designed for 1 Module per week – 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 6 Modules for the experiential component.

Week 9 is for case studies

Next Emotional Mind Integration Certificate online training

Full Course 22 April/24-14 June 2024

Experiential live online component


  •  3-7 June 2024 Mon-Fri
    Qld Australia timezone AEST 9.30  am-4 30 pm
  • 9 weeks personal and professional development.

    50 hours

    Limited places-

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Fee $3800 AUD 

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Option 1

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Option 2.

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Payment  in full  or pay in two payments  $1000 deposit and the rest by one month before the start date of your course.

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Option 3

You will need to apply to Edstart 2-3 weeks before the start of your course. You may receive the Early Bird price if you apply to EdStart before the end of the EB cut off date.

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Trauma Informed Therapy for PTSD & Sexual Assault Recovery

Option 2

  1. If you are joining a long time ahead of the starting date you may reserve your place by paying $1000 deposit by bank transfer. Pay the rest up to one month prior to the starting date. Once paid you may start your online learning up to one month prior to the start date of your course. 
  2. Pay $1000 to Family Constellations
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