Emotional Mind Integration Buying Information

Step 1:

Choose how you’d like to complete your EMI:PTIT-P Certification:

Option 1: Single Course Emotional Mind Integration

We hold EMI:PTIT-P certification twice each year.

April and October.

Option 2: Rapid Core Healing Course Bundle

Save 25% by enrolling in all 3 courses which include EMI:PTIT-P.

Rapid Core Healing with Personal & Generation trauma training included are: 

  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellalions
  • Rapid Core Healing

Option One:

Emotional Mind Integration Certification Full Course

Professional Certification Online Training

9 Weeks – 50 hours personal & professional training

  • Part 1: Modules 1-6 Private Online Study
  • Part 2: Module 7 Live Experiential Component
  • Part 3: Module 8 Private Online study
  • Part 4: 3 Case Studies
    (Week 9 is to complete case studies)

Next Full Course Online Training Starts:

  • 1 July – 30 September 2024
  • Experiential live online component (5 days) you must be present:
    Monday to Friday 12-16 July 2024
    9.30am – 4.30pm
    (QLD Australia timezone AEST)

Limited Places – Book Now | Payment Plans Available

Cost: $3800 AUD

EMIPTIT-P for Trauma recovery
About Emotional Mind Integration Hypnotherapy

Your trainer: Yildiz Sethi

Interested in EMI?

You will need to book into a no-obligations short chat to see if this is right for you. After the chat, if you are invited to join, you will be given a link to enrol and make your payment.

Still have some questions about this course?

Read through the below for more information on how this all works and how it can benefit you in your practice.

How you Learn EMI Online

You may work through the course at your own pace online (normally 1 module per week), as long as you complete up to and including module 6, to be ready for the online experiential in Module 7.

The experiential is 5 days live by zoom 9 30am- 4 30 pm Qld time-zone Australia.

Following this you need to complete the final module 8 and do 4 case study EMI sessions and write up about them, to be submitted for final approval.

Existing Practitioner:
If you an existing practitioner you will need to add Emotional Mind Integration to your indemnity insurance and start working.

New Practitioner:
If you are a new practitioner you will need to complete a further short code of conduct online course to assist you in being ready to be a practitioner in Australia, get your indemnity insurance for Emotional Mind Integration and start working .

Secrets of Success with EMI

  • Putting Theory into Practice for Easy learning.
  • The fusion between neuroscience, hypnosis and former and present day innovation in mind science and psychotherapy.
  • Fast results that will assist you in really making a difference.
  • Turn your business around.
  • That you can start your business with.

Unique EMI Knowledge skills and practice

  • To help your clients with break-throughs, fast
  • Be able to work with trauma effectively
  • Without re-traumatisation
  • Using Trauma Informed and highly Skilled trauma processing
  • On completion you will receive your certificate
  • Buy insurance and start working straight away
  • Become a highly effective brief therapist with satisfied clients
  • Profound Personal and Professional Development

Why choose EMI certification?

Emotional Mind Integration is a revolutionary and effective process:

  1. Informed by the latest in mind-science and neuroscience
  2. Designed to clear the mind of disturbances, trauma and rewire the brain
  3. Takes place deeply, permanently and FAST
  4. Learn to work online

Who is EMI for?

  1. Mental Health practitioners, Counsellors, psychotherapists More Details
  2. Hypnotherapists More Detail
  3. Family Constellations practitioners More Details
  4. Alternative Medicine practitioners More Details
  5. Coaches and Sports performance coaches More Details
  6. New Practitioners More Details

What is your current Level of Job Satisfaction?

If you are a coach, psychotherapist or hypnotherapist, ask yourself the following:

  • Does what you are doing with clients/customers feel stale, clunky and ineffective?
  • Are you frustrated about not being able to help people with a wide range of issues make powerful long-lasting changes, faster and more efficiently?
  • Would you like to find a way of working that is both creative and uplifting for you as the facilitator and also powerfully beneficial for your clients?
  • Do you already suspect that further formal study is unlikely to provide you with the practical and theoretical cutting-edge knowledge you need to work with people in a more productive way?
  • How much has your training/education cost so far?

EMI Helps provide you with better job satisfaction, Read Yildiz’s experience below

Yildiz's experience of Job Satisfaction

I too really wanted to make a difference, but found that my intention and care were not enough.

My degree as a master of counselling was not enough to help people make the changes they wanted. That’s why I became a clinical hypnotherapist. NLP practitioner and although this was better, I was still searching for something more.

I was very happy to find Systemic Family Constellations to assist me in helping people with generational patterns, relationships and generational trauma, but then I realised something more was required to work with the personal unconscious disturbances.

In creating EMI, I bought with me my large knowledge and experience base in formulating this modality to give deep, compassionate, safe and replicable results.

It is my delight to share it so that many more people may live better, healthier lives.

I learnt a lot in this training and as someone who wants to be able to offer a variety in my practice, I’m so pleased to have done this.

It really is a stand-alone modality that offers so much to our clients and is invaluable and unique in it’s ability to discover and treat the core of an issue quickly and effectively.

The training provided is thorough and allows for first hand experiences throughout the week.

Experiencing sessions on ourselves allows for a deeper insight and understanding of the process.

I’m very grateful to have stumbled across this training and taken the leap because I know it will be something that can treat and support a lot of people.

~ John

Option two:

Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery Training
SAVE 25%

This is composed of 3 separate compatible trainings. You will receive 3 certificates of completion in:

  • Emotional Mind Integration: 50 hours | $3800
  • Family Constellations: 140 hours | $4990
  • Rapid Core Healing: 50 hours | $2500

Total Value: $11,290
Pay In Full for the Mastery Bundle | $8515
(SAVE 25%)

BONUS #1 Valued @ $495

Join any upcoming online or face to face Family Constellations workshops complementary as a representative during your training period to experience working with the public.

EMI Trauma & sexual assault private sessions and training

Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

A neuro-trance psychotherapy founded by Yildiz Sethi for disturbances, triggers and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.

EMI Trauma & sexual assault private sessions and training

Certificate in Family Constellations

A brief, experiential, psychodynamic and solution-focused approach for locating and working with the generational, underlying dynamics of relationship, family, parenting and traumas.

EMI Trauma & sexual assault private sessions and training

Certificate in Rapid Core Healing (final)

A combination approach to work with personal and generational issues and traumas in a seamless way.