Beyond awareness with EMI?

What if what you are suffering from is beyond your awareness? Is not available for you to see or understand because it’s locked in your unconscious mind? If this is the case, awareness that focuses on rationale, thoughts or behaviour is not helpful as it can’t locate the roots of what you are suffering. EMI, Emotional Mind Integration is designed to identify your symptoms and locate the roots of them quickly. Not only that EMI follows your neural network to healing pathways for release and resolution.

The truth is most people can recover, heal and find new perspectives and move on in their lives. The latest findings in neuroscience show that the brain is capable of rewiring and healing under appropriate circumstances. If you are unsure whether what you are experiencing is appropriate for this approach please contact me to briefly discuss your needs and situation.

EMI is perfect for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional, sabotage patters and behavioural triggers and trauma related symptoms. The great thing about this is with EMI it’s gentle, safe, non-traumatising and quick, requiring 3-5 sessions for most people.