Be Rich and Spiritual

Many of us may aspire to Being rich and Spiritual and yet at a deeper level find we have blocks to the idea of both, especially both together. Many feel they are diametrically opposed. For this reason, many shut down one side to achieve at least in one area. Looking after ourselves and our family financially practically is a top priority for most. Survival is important. We have a responsibility to those we love to do this to give them what they need to flourish and go out into the world, especially our children.

Alternatively, those of us who feel the call of our soul and spirituality may decide that we are going to be of service to the world in looking at a greater spiritual goal. We may feel we are being selfish in having so much when many have so little. In this we also forget that we are human beings, creatures of the earth that need to eat, find shelter and are part of our society. We need to be givers and receivers in all aspects of life as human beings and we need to acknowledge and honour our personal desires.

You may believe that “in having” for ourselves we are somehow taking from others. These beliefs are problematic and will hold you back if you have them planted somewhere inside.

How do you know if this is the case? Look at your life. Look at what you are creating or have created and see the truth of where you are in being rich or spiritual, or both. The good news is that this can change. See the book Be Rich and SpiritualYildiz Sethi Yildiz’s Amazon Author Page

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