Anger written by Yildiz sethi


Anger is a raw and natural emotion

It can cause problems if it appears to be unfounded, not related to the situation or out of control. However, it is also a real emotion that is there to defend or protect us from being hurt.

A healthy resulting anger would be a situation of someone upsetting you in some way and you feeling hurt and angry over your treatment and being able to let them know how you feel. The other important part of this is the other party hearing and acknowledging or taking ownership of their actions and offering a sincere apology. This will normally be enough to quell the anger and bring more understanding into the situation.

However, anger triggers and anger issues that erupt involuntarily are a little different especially if the anger is totally out of step with the present situation in that it suddenly erupts. In these cases they are normally triggered by an earlier event where the person did not or was unable because they were too shocked or too young to have the words to express themselves or the other person was not interested in listening. Here we have a situation that was too painful in that it was injust and humiliating and so it was repressed into the unconscious mind. This forms a disturbed Emotional Mind State (EMI) that is frozen in time that over time forms triggers into consciousness whenever a cue or reminder comes up. This may be a look, a word, a tone, a smell or anything else. Once it is triggered it takes over with the rage of the disturbed part, who is still really seeking justice for something else buried in the past and held in their unconscious memory. The unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the past and present and simply acts out, often in an uncontrolled manner.

EMI is a brief and powerful way of releasing the unconscious memory along a healing pathway requiring only a few sessions for most complex anger issues.

I have been working with anger and other strong emotions for many years in a way that is deep and effective in resolving the issue at the core. Whereas anger management assists in managing the triggers or symptoms. I have helped many people who have already done anger management to finally resolve their triggers at source so that management is no longer necessary.

When there are more EMI practitioners in the community, anger management will be a thing of the past, as people will be able to finally put such involuntary reactions where they need to be, in the past and get on with their lives in a more meaningful way.

EMI is suitable for many disturbed emotional mind states that most normal people struggle with. I look forward to a time when people sort out issues briefly and quickly as they arise so that we have a world with more love and less anger operating on all levels.

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