Alternative medicine practitioners and EMI

Your skills are valuable but you may also have realised that the mind is the powerhouse of wellbeing along with good nutrition and life-style.  You will have done some counselling training in your training course and realise that much of what we tell people to do or change, they find very difficult to put into action. This is mainly because the roots of their problems are often locked in the unconscious mind. This may be habits, beliefs, disturbed emotions. Even though you may be able to locate disturbances the EMI process will be a great asset to your practice if you can help them resolve it deeply and effectively and follow up with your professional life style, health-advise to enhance their wellbeing. Once the emotional, psychological and trauma dynamics re resolved or released the physical aspects of healing may take place so much more effectively with your methodologies. Kinesiologist and Natural Therapists of all kinds will find this training invaluable in setting you aside as the go-to person in your community in providing a highly satisfying approach for you to use that is greatly appreciated by your clients in fast tracking their recoveries.

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