Frequently Asked Questions

Are sessions with you totally confidential?

Yes totally confidential. The only time I have to disclose, is if there is a danger to others or to yourself.

What are your qualifications?

Master counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP prac,  Family Constellations practitioner and trainer.

How long have you been a psychotherapist?

More than 20 years.

Are you a registered practitioner?

Yes. Professional member of ASCH (Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy.)

Is an in-person consultation more effective than an online session?

While some people may prefer an in-person consultation the effectiveness of in person or online is the same. You receive my 100% attention and will receive the same outcome.

Can I get Medicare rebates through you?

No. I am a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, only psychologists and social workers can offer Medicare rebates. I receive no financial support.
Doctors receive a financial payment each time they refer patients to social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists and receive no financial benefit if they refer to someone outside the medical model such as a registered counsellor or hypnotherapist such as myself, even though I am fully trained and registered in my own fields.

Do you provide private health care rebates?

Yes I provide a range of up to 15 private health fund rates. Check out he situation of your own health fund to see if they provide refunds for registered counsellor, psychotherapy or clinical hypnotherapy services by non-psychologists registered counsellors/hypnotherapists and if so, how much refund they offer.

Do you give discounts?

I offer a new and effective approach that is well worth the fee. Coming to me is a choice as there are cheaper options if you prefer to pay less or bulk bill. Please don’t ask for a discount as I have no wish to offend with a refusal.
With me as long as you are ready for change you receive a top-quality service that is tailored to your symptoms and your requests and requires only a few sessions for completion for most. This is cheaper and more effective than months or years of treatment with traditional counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or coaching for most people. Many people come to me with stubborn, difficult cases after years of traditional and alternative treatments and receive good results in only a few sessions.

Who is EMI suitable for?

Suitable for anyone with a problem and those who have tried other approaches with little success and a ready for change. Please ask if you are not sure if this is right for you.

Is EMI a form of counselling?

No. I am a counsellor and there may be a little counselling involved, but the session is an EMI session which is a unique modality that sources the core of the symptom and assists you in resolving it within each session, one neural pathway at a time.

I have had hypnotherapy before and it didn’t work. Why should I come to you?

EMI is not yet taught in clinical hypnotherapy training. EMI is a new neuro-trance psychotherapy that tracks symptoms to the underlying problem and provides healing pathways to recovery in an accurate replicable process, that is tailored to each individual for resolution and recovery. Few sessions are required for good results.

Why do you charge a higher fee than other counsellors/hypnotherapists?

I am the founder of EMI. EMI goes far beyond current counselling, psychotherapies and clinical hypnotherapies in the results it delivers. You will have sessions with me the founder in receiving my 100% attention to your situation and most often require only a few sessions. Even though each session may cost more, EMI is cost and time efficient overall. You will save money and time.

All that is required is your 100% commitment to the process.