Sewing Seeds of Health with EMI

Emotional Mind Integration

Sowing Seeds of Health

with Emotional Mind Integration

Yildiz SEthi

Seeds are always being sown. It happens spontaneously in nature where seeds land on fertile or barren land. Are lucky if they land in places they can grow.

The same takes place in our minds. Thoughts are seeds. They may be spontaneous too. Flow into your mind, take seed or perish. The difference between us and plants is, we have a mind and the potential to choose what we focus on to grow.

What kind of seeds are you sowing? Do you allow scary or fearful thoughts to take root? Or do you look out into nature or a well-kept garden to notice where choices are being made. What is the owner deciding to nurture. Taking out weeds so the softer more beautiful plants take hold. What you focus on feeds the seeds.

This affects all of us, as we all start with a mind that jumps around and feeds on everything. Don’t have a filter. Many feel that such thoughts happen to us and yes they do, but having consciousness makes the difference. Generally any thoughts based on fear and anxiety are unhealthy, while those that are uplifting are healthy. Of course you must make sure your safe, but if you’re sitting safely in your home with fearful or scary thoughts, you may do some weeding. Create some lovely images in your mind and focus there and notice the difference.

If those wild thoughts are persistent, you may seek help, so that you can maintain a healthy garden. Yildiz

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