EMI – doesn’t just manage the issue/trauma – it assists you in resolving them, deeply, safely and quickly.


Welcome to the Founder site of Emotional Mind Integration EMI of  Yildiz Sethi

Emotional Mind Integration in a Nutshell

Welcome to Emotional Mind Integration (EMI):
A Mind Science Revolution Founded by Yildiz Sethi.

Come out of depression, anxiety and panic attacks, resolve emotional triggers and uplift your mindset and recover from trauma.
This is a deep, gentle and fast approach to growth and healing for those of you who are ready to take back your power, to be who you are.

Choose from the range of personal sessions and discount packages or EMI practitioner training.

I see people everyday in my practice with problems they have frequently had for years. Here is what they say.

I had been depressed for many years. I have tried many therapies including help from my GP but nothing helped until Emotional Mind Integration. It was quick and gentle and most of all it worked. Gratitude. Sally

I had struggled with anxiety my whole life and tried many things including conventional and alternative therapies. I was about to give up until my friend referred me to Yildiz. The process was powerful and yet gentle . David

I have had trauma in my past that I thought I have buried but then the flash backs started. I searched for help and joined self help and support groups and then I found Yildiz and EMI. Yildiz was business like and yet so skilled and gentle. Brenda

See the Animated Video for a simple expanation of why EMI is different to traditional counselling and hypnotherapy.

Emotional Mind Integration is a deep, fast solution for resolving disturbances, emotions, sabotage-patterns, depression, anxiety, trauma and sexual abuse trauma.

EMI  goes to the core of the issue deeply and quickly to self-healing pathways and completes each session with integration. This is a gentle, safe and non-traumatising way of freeing yourself to be who you are, in just a few sessions. Emotional Mind Integration is appropriate for Personal Trauma recovery, Recovery From Sexual Abuse.

Emotional Mind Integration is suitable for those who are absolutely ready for change, but not appropriate for serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.

If in doubt please contact us to find out if this is suitable for you.

“Appropriate for mental health, sexual abuse recovery, trauma recovery, growth and transformation in only a few sessions. “

See my Blog What is EMI HERE

Trauma Informed AND Trauma Skilled in ONE


How Emotional Mind Integration came into being.

I (Yildiz) have run my private practice of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for over twenty years. During that time I have been in the business of mind science where I have focused on sourcing and creating modalities that provide avenues for self-healing for a large proportion of the population in terms of heart and mind conflicts, disturbances, trauma and wellbeing. This includes mental health, personal development and trauma related issues.

The difference with the way I work is that I assist you in resolving and recovery in only a few sessions for a large proportion of the population.

EMI can help you with:


I am not only trauma informed, but trauma equipped with the latest cutting edge neuroscience and psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills, that go far beyond understanding and managing symptoms. With me it’s about the deep release and solution of symptoms and trauma, that leads to recovery in only a few sessions.
In trauma related issues I assist you in resolving the ‘fight and flight’ responses and moving through into the present through resolutions in ways that are non-traumatising. This includes survivors of sexual abuse.
The process is deeply effective and gentle and non-traumatising. The Emi process is not only trauma informed but also skilled at resolving trauma.

Mental health

This includes depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, trauma. It does not include extreme diagnoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar personality disorders etc.

Personal Development

This includes self-esteem, confidence, resolving sabotage patterns and moving to the next level of wellbeing or success.

All this in only a few sessions. Averagely 3-5 sessions for more than 90% of the people I see.

All that is required is your 100% readiness for change.

Many people ask,

What is EMI?
Is it counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, trauma informed or traditional psychotherapy or CBT related?” See my Blog for some answers.


Contact me to assess your suitability for EMI. HERE

I offer personal sessions and packages and practitioner training

Many people ask if EMI is a form of counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP or CBT. Here are some answers HERE

FAQs of EMI and sessions

“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”

Quote from Rapid Core Healing (2016) Y Sethi

Why Choose Emotional Mind Integration?

Because Emotional Mind Integration is a neurotrance psychotherapy that clears each neural pathway of an issue or disturbance within each session and integrates it into the mind. EMI is a  revolutionary, unique cutting-edge hypnosis/hypnotherapy, a neurotrance psychotherapy 

Counselling, coaching and cognitive behvioural therapy and art therapies are not equipped ot locate or work with the deeper that people face as tehse are often repressed in the unconscious mind. Such problems such as conflicts, painful emotions or experiences, shocks and traumas are buried in the unconscious mind as emotional mind states. These are largely inaccessible to conscious reflection, but may be powerful saboteurs or blocks to our goals and conscious intentions.

We are fortunate in the present in having the choice of either maintaining the patterns that invisibly influence how we do life, or make the change in taking back our personal power through Emotional Mind Integration.

Problematic emotional mind states and traumas  have a powerful influence on how we feel about ourselves and create our lives.

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This involves the Mind, body, senses and emotions as Emotional Mind Integration is a transformational and powerful approach for healing, growth and change.

It allows you to de-clutter your mind, in clearing out what is not conducive to living well.

Please see our specialist website for sexual assault and sexual abuse: Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Where do Disturbances come from?

From our personal life experiences. We are fine with the highs of life but often find it more difficult to cope with disappointments, shocks and injustice that we all face in a normally chaotic life. These disturbances range from the milder to more extreme traumas.

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Trauma is any situation that causes an emotional disturbance that is unable to be processed, and may range from relatively small disturbances to major emotional, neurological or physical assaults:

“Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible events such as a disturbing incident, accident, abuse or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical longer-term reactions, include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. While these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives.”Taken from the American Psychological Association (APA) website (2015).

EMI Therapy
EMI Therapy

There is no doubt that our upbringing, life events and choices travel with us unconsciously in our life.  Many of our formative experiences are positive and nourishing, but there are always the trails of disappointments, shocks, events and personal trauma that remain trapped in our mind and body until they can be processed and released. Until then they have an effect. They become triggers in daily life that may be set-off by cues in otherwise ‘normal’ situations, resulting in reactions and feelings that may not be in keeping with situations. This is why feelings of anxiety, panic, anger or sadness may be triggered in many daily situations inadvertently and affect how we feel and our relationships.

These unconscious emotional mind states are often at the core of depression, fear, anger, anxiety, poor confidence, panic attack, sabotage patterns and a wide range of trauma related issues including the recovery of sexual abuse and PTSD. 


The EMI approach is designed to clear one neural pathway at a time of disturbances and trauma so that the transition is a natural flow into a better way of feeling and being.

EMI deals with the disrupted ‘fight and flight’ responses 



“I struggled with my problem for a long time and tried many therapies, but nothing really helped. Emotional Mind Integration got to the bottom of it quickly and resolved it in just a few sessions. Brilliant.”  Jenny

“I was at the point of changing career but I wanted to be a practitioner who had the knowledge and skills to real make a difference. Emotional Mind intgration training was truly inspiring and now I am really able to follow my dreams.” John   

Find out much more about trauma Here

EMI in a Nutshell

EMI is part of a larger modality called Rapid Core Healing as shown in Yildiz’s latest book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing.

Rapid Core Healing

Read Yildiz’s book on EMI

Yildiz Sethi

Read about Yildiz

EMI Training

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Beyond awareness with EMI?

Beyond awareness with EMI?

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What is EMI? Yildiz Sethi

What is EMI? Yildiz Sethi

People ask me all sorts of questions of EMI, (Emotional Mind Integration), such as: Is EMI counselling? No its not a form of counselling, although it is a mind/body based new psychotherapeutic modality. Counselling Is EMI hypnotherapy? It is not a form of traditional...

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