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EMI Changing the face of psychotherapy NOW
Trauma and sexual assault recovery

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So you can

Be Free to be You!


Emotional Mind Integration in a Nutshell

Emotional Mind Integration

What is Emotional Mind Integration?

Emotional Mind Integration is a
Neurotrance psychotherapy.

Why? Its time for a new deep, effective and rapid way of working with the heart and mind, that works with the disturbances, conflict, mind states, emotional states and trauma recovery-quickly. 3-5 sessions on average for most complex issues, (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses.

For those who are ready for change

Come out of your depression, anxiety, panic, trauma (including PTSD) and sexual assault recovery.

Founded and trademarked by Yildiz Sethi and presented in her book Rapid Core Healing.

Available in Sessions, personal and online and online training 

Live the life your ready to live.

Have you had enough of allowing your disturbing thoughts, feelings or behaviours
damage your life?

Or are you done with talking about it, or trying to manage it?

If so, welcome.
Your ready for Change!

Emotional Mind Integration clearing: disturbances, blocks and trauma, permanently and rapidly.

Structured for:
safety, gentleness and efficiency.

Working at cause of symptoms, 

No Re-Traumatisation. EMI offers Trauma informed processing.

Transforms your feeling, thinking and behaviour, gently and quickly.

EMI comes out of the best from the past and the latest in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neuroscience.

And is enriched with over twenty years of Yildiz’s experience with clients and innovation in creating ‘what works’.
with modern men and women just like you!

Say goodbye to:

sabotage, depression….anxiety…. panic attacks….stop emotional triggers…..or limiting mindsets.
Recover from trauma…. sexual abuse ….. without re-traumatisation.
You don’t have to re-tell your story.

An average of 3-5 sessions EMI required for more than 90% of people I see.

All That is required is Your

Readiness for Change.

Book in NOW 

Be Free to Be YOU!

(Not suitable for those with serious mental health diagnoses such as bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorder etc)

Who is Yildiz?

Yildiz has been on a long journey of her own personal growth and has a passion to help others in theirs. She comes from a science background that changed to an interest in spirituality and a strong passion for psychotherapeutic knowledge with more than twenty years of experience with people like you.
This led to the innovation of Emotional Mind Integration. A cutting edge away of assisting you in resolving and clearing a wide range of conflicts, disturbances, triggers and traumas and remains passionate about helping people make the most of themselves.

Emotional Mind Integration

Master Counselling, clinical Hypnotherapist,
over 22 years private practice.
Member of ACA, ASCH, AHA

Emotional Mind Integration


  • Is a unique High Quality service Providing rapid, deep, change & self-healing
  • Cost & time effective.
    The fee is higher than counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy but cheaper than months and years of other therapies. Because its a highly effective approach requiring 3-5 required for a complex issues or trauma.
Emotional Mind Integration

The EMI approach

The EMI approach is designed to clear one neural pathway at a time of disturbances and trauma so that the transition is a natural flow into a better way of feeling and being.

EMI resolves and releases disrupted or over active trauma fight and flight’ responses.

Session may be in person Brisbane Australia or online. Sessions online are equally effective.

EMI is also available in practitioner certification and part of our Australian approved Hypnotherapy Diploma Details

“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”

Quote from Rapid Core Healing

(2016) Y Sethi

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Emotional Mind Integration

Find Out More About EMI

 “I have a belief that we all have the potential and the right to create ourselves and the life we want to live.

Fulfil your potential and live well.

So what holds you back from being free to be you?

  • Stuck emotions?
  • Unhealthy beliefs?
  • Repressed trauma?

See the video to explain what Emotional Mind Integration is and why and how it can help you be your true self ,”


Find out about Emotional Mind States

My sessions with Yildiz have and continue to enhanced my life . Each session left me feeling relieved as toxic energy was released and removed, empowered as I regained my true self, lighter as the -/ve emotions were dealt with, peaceful as I regained my true self and these feelings continue to grow.

I highly recommend Yildiz and the work that she does. I can confirm it really does only take a few sessions to see tremendous change! Thank you 🙏 Yildiz, I am eternally grateful that I found you.

I had struggled with anxiety my whole life and tried many things including conventional and alternative therapies. I was about to give up until my friend referred me to Yildiz. The process was powerful and yet gentle . David


Experience a piece of the
Emotional Mind Integration experience in EMI Meditation

Kick off your shoes, relax watch the<Video

EMI as the Cutting-Edge Key to Success (Personal Development)

The Secrets of Wellness, Potential and Success

If you have already done what you can to    release yourself from what holds you back from confidence or success, it’s likely that it has been repressed to your subconscious mind.

EMI is designed for safe processing of repressed materials in a way that is brief and efficient.
Resolve blocks to success with EMI


Emotional Mind Integration Trauma informed processing for Recovery


Many mental health issues are emotionally or trauma based and ideal for Emotional Mind Integration.

Suitable for self-esteem, depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

Yildiz has a master of counselling and is a registered clinical hypnotherapist trainer and founder.

Yildiz is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist,not a psychologist and cannot offer medicare rebates.

For Free support contact Beyond Blue

EMI Emotional Mind Integration

Trauma-Informed Processing with Emotional Mind Integration


EMI, it is trauma informed processing. , Without re-traumatising. You don’t have to re-tell your experience.

Emotional Mind Integration comes out of the latest cutting edge neuroscience and psychotherapeutic knowledge, that go far beyond understanding and managing symptoms. It’s about the deep release and solution of the underlying causes of symptoms and trauma.

This leads to speedy recovery.  In trauma related issues resolving the ‘fight and flight’ responses. Moving through into the present through resolutions in ways that are non-traumatising.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse, with Emotional Mind Integration.
Trauma Informed, safe, gentle processing

You don’t have to be
A victim


a Survivor

when you can

Move on



EMI Services in Person and Online

We offer:

Sessions and discount package -in person and online

Online Certificate Practitioenr training

Hypnotherapy Diploma in Personal and Systemic Solutions

Still Not Sure?

Why need for a new approach?

Because most of what is on offer is old. It was ground breaking innovation in its time, but we have so much more knowledge, research, experience available now

Did you know that:

  • Most counselling methods, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) date back to the
  • The medical model using (CBT), holds the belief that disturbances and disharmony of the mind and brain may not be cured and therefore may only be managed? There is a belief that a cure is not possible for most. Therefore management and medication are used to manage symptoms; often for life?
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While talk therapies are valuable for many areas, they not so helpful for emotionally or trauma based problems, unless you wish to spend years and oodles of money with questionable outcomes in long psychotherapy, coaching, mental health plans, medication or a plethora of alternative therapies.

Since the 1970’s to the present:

  • There has been significant research and evidence through neuroscience about the resilience and plasticity of the brain and it capacity to rewire and heal.
  • Research of epigenetics has revealed how patterns and trauma are passed onto future generations and effect how DNA may be switched on or off. This means that if we can change/improve the environment of the DNA we may be able to have more control of our health.
  • These findings are game changers in providing knowledge for utilising the mind’s capacity to heal and grow through naturally occurring healing pathways.
  • Emotional Mind Integration is a unique up-to-date transformational approach for a range of disturbances for trauma informed processing. The leading edge of psychotherapy, hypnosis and science- Mind Science.

Many people ask Is EMI a form of counselling?

Or traditional clinical hypnotherapy? Is it trauma-informed? Is it traditional psychotherapy? Is it EMDR? Is it a form of CBT?”

EMI is not any of those. It uses the best from the past and present psychotherapies fused with neuroscience and epigenetics and innovation to source what works to assist people obtain shifts and growth quickly.

Emotional Mind Integration is the twenty first century’s answer to better mental health, mindset and trauma recovery that is efficient and effective so that you can get on with life with more freedom. More information

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Emotional Mind Integration is a modality:

  • Based in the latest findings of neuroscience.
  • Includes the most relevant aspects of past psychotherapies and hypnotherapies.
  • Fused with the latest innovations in mind-science.
  • Is a new modality with its own philosophy of the mind-body connection, what goes wrong and what is required for recovery.
  • For self healing, balance and empowerment.

The EMI approach is designed to clear one neural-pathway at a time of disturbances and trauma so that the transition is a natural flow into a better way of feeling and being.

EMI deals with the disrupted ‘fight and flight’ responses.

Have you already done:






Coaching and NLP?

Energy work?

Natural therapies?

How much time and money have you spent so far?

Have you made the progress you hoped for?

With EMI most people require 3-5 sessions for complex isssues. Time and Cost effective.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I noticed a really profound shift shortly after the session finished and woke up feeling truly happy and excited for life for the first time in quite a while- thank you so much”


Naturopath 2022

My sessions with Yildiz have and continue to enhanced my life. Each session left me feeling relieved as toxic energy was released and removed, empowered as I regained my true self, lighter as the -/ve emotions were dealt with, peaceful as I regained my true self and these feelings continue to grow.

I highly recommend Yildiz and the work that she does. I can confirm it really does only take a few sessions to see tremendous change! Thank you 🙏 Yildiz, I am eternally grateful that I found you.

“I had a pattern of sexual abuse that started with my father at the age of 6 and continued with sexual abuse in terms of date rapes. I had spent many years in weekly sexual abuse survivor groups. Initially this was good in not feeling so alone with my story, but later I realised we were all stuck in our abuse. Working with Yildiz has been life-changing as I have been able to finally leave the abuse pattern in the past and re-establish my-self-esteem. Since then, five years ago I have moved on and am in a lovely relationship for the first time and am a proud mother. Thanks you so much Yildiz”

Name with-held for confidentiality

At first I was unsure as to whether Yildiz could help me resolve my issue around a sexual assault that I only came to formally acknowledge recently after many years of suppression. I was frightened at the prospect of entering into a cycle of retelling my story again and again, instinctively it just didn’t feel right, and wondered if there was another way.

Not long after, I found New Dawn and Yildiz. Her approach is like nothing else I have experienced previously when it comes to approaching and resolving significant abuse. I use the word resolving but would also like to add in dissolving, within 3 sessions I have been able to confidently move forward in my life, in many aspects of my relationship not only with others but most importantly with myself. I felt completely supported and safe for the entire process, Yildiz, thank you for what you have offered me, I am very grateful

J Masefield

EMI Trauma and sexual assault recovery

EMI Services in Person and Online

We offer in person and online sessions and discount packages and Online Certificate training and a Hypnotherapy Diploma in Personal and Systemic Solutions


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