Mental Health Practitioner Alert 2

Mental Health Practitioner Alert 2

 Does what you do feel clunky, slow and frequently ineffective for the people you see who have deep seated problems, such as fears, anxiety, depression, poor self esteem?




Would you like to become a practitioner and are confused by the vast array of trainings available and the cost and time involved?


There is another way. If you are a practitioner you can radically transform your understanding and skills so that you can work much more productively with the wide range of mental health issues, conflicts, disturbances and trauma that many people experience. Further, this can take place quickly in 3-5 sessions for more than 90% of your clients.


If you are wanting to become a practitioner this may be your first step to a really satisfying career in a high value cost effective course.


Introducing Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

This is a new modality founded by Yildiz Sethi that focuses on non-systemic issues (due to biography rather than family system issues) that people face. EMI spans the psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy worlds and neuroscience in fusing the best of the past with the present. EMI is embedded in Constellation and Humanistic philosophy where conditions of Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy are foundations for wellbeing with their absence often resulting in Dis-ease.


Consider a process that is able to locate the core of an issue or trauma largely through body-based processes, followed by facilitating healing pathways of resolution and integration into the psyche, all within a session. EMI clears one neural pathway at a time and requires 3-5 sessions for complex issues of over 90% of the population.


EMI training is available for mental health practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, alternative medicine practitioners and coaches and those who want to become practitioners.


EMI Training Offers many benefits

In Becoming an EMI practitioner you gain training;


  1. Trauma recovery
  2. Sexual abuse recovery
  3. In the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic, poor self-esteem, relationships and the underlying dynamics of addiction, clearing sabotage patterns, inner conflicts, trauma and sexual abuse.
  4. In a unique neuro-trance qualification that is perfect for the twenty first century
  5. In being trained by the founder of EMI who is a competent and authentic educator, author and practitioner.
  6. In training that is approved professional development with the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association).
  7. If you are a new practitioner you will be able to gain insurance and registration with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies.)


EMI training costs only a fraction of the time and money involved in formal higher education.


“I have done so much former study but this course has been revolutionary. I now have clarity and a methodology that can really help people at a deep level and quickly. The coolest thing is being able to provide healing pathways for self-healing that allows them to join all the dots in creating their own solutions within the safe EMI structure. It is profound and so respectful of their inner world.” Terry


“This has opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the mind, what goes wrong and what needs to happen for recovery. At first I thought it was Yildiz wielding her magic, but once I understood the EMI process and started using it, I found it to be a reliable and replicable process for so many issues. It has to be the most useful training I have ever done.” Anna


“I have been taught that so many issues can only be managed, but this course has shown me that this is not so, as recovery is possible for so many people using EMI. Before doing this course, I couldn’t imagine a process that could locate the core of a problem, so directly, accurately and quickly as well as facilitate self-healing through a healing pathway and complete with an integration. All within a session.? Bev


“What a simple concise and elegant modality for such a wide range of problems. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to have specific further trainings in trauma, depression, sexual abuse and so on. As someone who works in the area of substance abuse I can see this will be invaluable in helping my clients resolve their underlying issues so that rehab and sustainable recover are so much more attainable.” Jeff


“I have been working with trauma for years. EMI training has given me a totally different perspective and valuable methodologies that I can use it straight away to really make a difference.” John


“I didn’t think it was possible to work with sexual abuse in this way, it is so powerful, safe and most of all healing. The EMI modality provides ways of working that does not re-traumatize, but brings back dignity and personal power, so that all that is left is moving on. This will change many peoples’ lives.” Mary


“As a coach who has done NLP I have found the EMI approach to be concise and so much more effective across a wide range of problems. In particular I like the grounded structure and its wholistic and respectful approach to individuals and their inner world. It has significantly changed the way I view the mind and growth.” Terry


“I am a hypnotherapist and although I can induce a trance, my training did not give me the understanding or the tools that this short 6 day training has given me to work so much more productively with my clients and their problems. It has been life changing for me.” Helen


EMI Training is approved professional development with the ACA, AHA and IICT.


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