Hypnosis is a state we each go in and out of many times each day. So we know how to do it and therefore it is a good state to use.
Each time you day-dream or go back to a memory or visualise a goal you go into a trance. It’s a natural state.

Why use Hypnosis?

Most deeper issues and problems are buried in the unconscious mind. If they were conscious you would be able to sort them out for yourself. This is why counselling or coaching do not resolve the issue as they enage the conscious mind.

By the time you come to look at a website like this you have already decided you need help as you are not able to do it by yourself. Just a few sessions can be of great help in you recovering or finding your balance and wellbeing.

While in a trance state the conscious mind relaxes and it is possible to access material in the unconscious mind.

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