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EMI is Emotional Mind Integration. A powerful way to resolve depression, anxiety, panic attack, changing patterns and a wide range of trauma related issues including the recovery of sexual-abuse.  3-5 sessions for most. READ MORE HERE

EMI Training

EMI Emotional Mind Integration professional training for mental health professionals and for those who want to become psychotherapists. A neuro-trance-psychotherapy for resolving a wide range of personal issues. READ MORE HERE

EMI book

EMI is introduced in detail in Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing. READ MORE HERE

EMI Training

EMI Training


 This is the Founder
EMI Emotional Mind Integration  Training site
Healing from the Roots with
Emotional Mind Integration EMI Connection Mind Heart and Soul

Does what you are doing with clients feel stale, clunky and ineffective?

Are you frustrated about not being able to help more complex clients make powerful long-lasting changes faster and more efficiently?

Would you like to find a way of working that is creative and uplifting for you and also powerfully beneficial for your clients?

Do you already know that further formal study is unlikely to provide you with the practical and theoretical cutting-edge knowledge you need to work with people in a more productive way?

Is the idea of traditional higher education in the fields of mental health  including, the style of education and  costs in time and money holding you back from entering this field?

EMI Training Offers many benefits

In Becoming an EMI practitioner you gain; 

Training in recovery of Trauma

Training in recovery of sexual abuse

A unique neuro-trance qualification that is perfect for the twenty first century

The knowledge, skills and structure for the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic, the underlying dynamics of addiction, recovery from trauma and sexual abuse and resolving sabotage patterns.

Those who are not a member of a professional organisation may join IICT for professional insurance for their practice.

With EMI training you will learn a modality that:

  • Works to resolve suffering and enable positive change.
  • Is succinct and structured, streamlined and elegant.
  • Is a fusion of the essential aspects of what works in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with the latest advances in mind-science in a unique modality that enables change and recovery.
  • Is an integration of the most pertinent knowledge and skills from the past with the latest neuroscience.
  • Is so effective that more than 90% of the public require only 3-5 sessions of EMI for deep and long lasting positive change (excluding more serious DSMV mental health conditions.

EMI is a course for people who help people.
Mental health practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, alternative medicine practitioners and coaches.

The EMI course is a 6 day face-to-face course.

About EMI psychotherapy

EMI Course Outlines