Become an EMI practitioner

Become an EMI practitioner

Become an EMI -Emotional Mind Integration practitioner.

EMI is a complete psychotherapeutic approach for processing distubed emotional mind states for a wide range of issues and trauma.
EMI is a cost effective process for the processing, resolution and recovery of disturbed emotional mind states that operate in a wide range of mental health disturbances to enhance the work of mental health practitioners, counsellors, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists and people who help people. EMI provides a sound theory and practice that is a brief, experiential, person centered and solution focused approach for disturbances such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, anger, the underlying dynamic for addiction and the recovery of abuse and sexual abuse.

Delivery of the course will be through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

Australian Counselling Association
Australian Counselling Association

What EMI can be used for.
Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, addiction, Abuse, sexual abuse.

The objective of the course is to enable participants to gain further knowledge of how the mind, psychology and emotions operate and how they may be utilized to find and follow healing pathways to better health and possible recovery in a brief, experiential, solution focused and person centered process called Emotional Mind Integration EMI. The course comprises of psychological and neuroscience theory of the problems that people face and how they may be helped in a brief effective intervention. EMI is a powerful way of working with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, addiction, sex abuse and resolve inner conflict or disturbed states.

The EMI Program

This EMI program consists of two modules of 3 days each. A total 6 day EMI training.

Course outline for EMI 1

Course outline for EMI 2

This is a valuable addition to any psychotherapy, counselling or Hypnotherapy qualification in that it is a potent and effective processing philosophy and set of skills to assist people through a wide rang elf issues in a relatively short period of time, hence improving your effectiveness with your clients and so improving your business potential as a professional.

EMI for Family Constellations practitioners

If you are a Family Constellations practitioner, you already know the value of this modality for systemic issues. However it is likely that you have discovered that all issues are not necessarily systemic. Some are due to life events, choices, beliefs, mind set, disturbed emotions, and trauma. EMI is a perfect complimentary modality that you may use with clients in a least two ways.

  1. Follow up after a Family Constellation private or workshop session
  2. Processing tools for non systemic issues in your private practice or psychotherapy sessions.

What is EMI?

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