Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz is the founder of EMI Emotional Mind Integration and RCH Rapid Core Healing and author of three books. Her latest book is Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing(2016). Details.

She offers private sessions, workshops, training and books.

She is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator and educator/trainer and author.  Yildiz lives and runs a private practice in Brisbane, Australia, travelling nationally and globally to train clinicians and run workshops for the general public.

More Details of  Yildiz  

Master Counselling, Graduate Diploma Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner, Ego State Therapy, Family Constellations, Educator ACAP for 8 years.

For more information of Yildiz see www.yildizsethi.com 




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