About EMI Psychotherapy

About EMI Psychotherapy

“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”
Quote from Rapid Core Healing (2016) Y Sethi   Details

There is no doubt that our up bringing and the events of life have an impact on who we are.

More about EMI

Emotional Mind Integration is a brief psychotherapy for the resolution of the disturbed Emotional Mind States of a large proportion of the population safely and quickly in providing long term positive change in people lives. 

EMI is based in sound Humanistic and Family Constellation philosophy in an understanding that human beings require
Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, knowing that their absence often leads to Dis-ease.

This is a powerful way of facilitating the self-healing of the bonds and messages from the past for a healthier present.

EMI is designed to resolve disturbances that have occurred in the biography of a person’s life. Systemic issues are best health with in Family Constellations or Rapid Core Healing

The modality of EMI:

  1. Resolves at least one neural pathway of disturbance in each session
  2. Practitioners facilitate self healing through EMI Healing Pathways
  3. Works with the conscious and unconscious mind and emotions and body senses throughout the process
  4. Combines trance with psychotherapy to engage and work with repressed material in a way that resolves and does not retraumatisation.
  5. Is a structured process to ensure safety.
  6. Is designed to locate the source of the issue, resolve, release, allow the client to find new perspectives and completes each session with integration.
  7. EMI revolutionises the treatment of trauma related issues and sexual abuse

EMI Provides the knowledge, skills and structure to guide clients to recovery from:

  • Trauma through specifically appropriate Healing pathways.
  • Sexual abuse through specifically appropriate Healing pathways.

The Process is 

  •  Psychodynamic in locating root causes
  • Phenomenological concentrates on consciousness and the objects of direct experience
  • Hypnotic is relaxing he conscious mind so as to gain access ot repressed material
  • Solution focused in allowing resolutions to be guided in the unconscious mind through EMI Healing pathways,
  • Client-centred in engaging body senses and neural pathways to locate and guide the process.
  • Utilises emotions and body senses through healing pathways
  • A brief psychotherapy in completing the resolution of one neural pathway within each session and completing the process with an integration technique, so that a complex issue requires only a few sessions for most clients.

The founder of EMI Yildiz Sethi believes it is everyone right and responsibility to heal from the past and take their birthright into the present in fulfilling their potential. This is why Yildiz created EMI.

You may be thinking ‘How can this be credible?’

My name is Yildiz Sethi. I am the founder of Emotional Mind Integration.

I have a belief that people shouldn’t have to spend their lives suffering with mental health or trauma related conditions when they don’t have to.

My knowledge of Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger and Ego State Therapy by Professor Gordon Emmerson has greatly contributed to the development of Emotional Mind Integration. Former psychotherapies and present day neuroscience and hypnotherapy knowledge are integrated into a comprehensive and yet simple philosophy and practice of Emotional Mind Integration.

Emotional Mind Integration is a trademarked psychotherapy modality.

Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind integration are powerful modalities that resolve core issues of the mind, heart, soul and ancestry in just a few sessions.

In order to spread this way of working into the community I offer education, training and private sessions.

I offer training in EMI and for those who would like to go deeper  I offer further training in Family Constellation and Rapid Core Healing

Completing EMI will allow you to join the IICT International Institute for Complimentary Therapists where you may register as a therapist and gain insurance cover for your practice. EMI is a course recognised as professional development for the ACA. Australian Counselling Association.

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