Do you find that even with the best of intentions those old patterns of behaviour or feelings take over and hold you back?

These may be depression, fear, anxiety, poor confidence or a range of other issues

EMI is a powerful new cutting edge approach for

Recovery, Change and Growth

The Founder of EMI Yildiz Sethi said,
“More that 90% of the people who come to me
require only 3-5 sessions  to make positive change in a wide range of feelings, behaviours, conflicts including recovery of trauma and sexual abuse related issues.”

If you are looking for effective professional help for a wide range of personal, emotional or mind conflicts- in a few sessions, EMI may be right for you.

EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) is ideal  for the speedy resolution of depression, anxiety, panic attack, changing patterns and a wide range of trauma related issues including the recovery of sexual abuse.

Consider a process that is able to locate the core of an issue or trauma

largely through body-based processes, facilitate a healing pathway of

resolution and integrate the solution with the whole person within the

session. Clearing one neural pathway at a time through the process.

This is EMI (Emotional Mind Integration).

Ii is a revolutionary, powerful approach for healing and change.

I can help you make the changes so you are in more control of your mind, feelings and behaviour naturally. You don’t have to remember strategies or beat yourself up or try to keep to a recommended script.

Benefits of EMI are:

  1. EMI is brief therapy. At EMI you wont have to commit to extensive numbers of sessions. This is a cost effective approach saving you both time and money for overall treatment.. Most people require only 3-5 sessions for significant improvement and/or recovery.
  2. EMI is a powerful new neuro trance psychotherapy that may be tailored ot your needs
  3. EMI comes from a wholistic philosophy drawing the best from past psychotherapies and present neural sciences in producing an elegant , concise and effective approach to the issues that people face in every life..
  4. EMI locates the core of an issue via neural pathways and facilitates you finding resolutions and empowerment.
  5. This is a new approach that resolves neural pathways in a session. As people are complex they normally require the resolution of more than one neural pathway for an issue. That’s why 3-5 sessions is required for each significant issue.

EMI is based in sound Humanistic and Family Constellation philosophy in an understanding that human beings require
Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, knowing that their absence often leads to Dis-ease.

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of EMI offering sessions and also training for professional therapists here.

EMI is part of a larger modality called Rapid Core Healing as shown in her latest book Details  and in Rapid Core Healing Website

Sessions may take place in person or over the phone or by Skype or Whats App.

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Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing
Details of the book

EMI is part of Rapid Core Healing Details

EMI is part of Family Constellations Pty Ltd Link

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